Episode 5: the Motorized Blind Opener


Introduction: Episode 5: the Motorized Blind Opener

Just a quick video I made for my latest Stupid Invention, the Motorized Blind Opener!

Just press the button and your room will go for dark to bright in seconds!



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    I actually realllly liked it. It went for 2 seconds and it got to the point. Wiiiiiin.

    Sweet. Think I will try and get something like this to work with a micro controller so it can be controlled when I'm away. Maybe have the blinds close at a certain time or log into my machine at home from a remote location and close my blinds and turn a light or two on if I'm going to get home late.

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    awesome! sounds like a great idea! please let me know what you come up with, would love to see!

    You should post instructables on how to make this!! Also, i was this video's 666th view, just thought that it was interesting...

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    lol, all it really is a motorized feather duster with the attachment off and connected to the window blinds... lol, congrats on being #666!

    they make those with remote controls. your is cool too