Episode 30: Magnetic Socks


Introduction: Episode 30: Magnetic Socks

Are you tired of losing your socks in the laundry?

Well so are we! Which is why we here at Stupid Inventions have created Magnetic Socks!
These socks magnetically stick to each other so that they stay together in the washing machine!

Never lose your socks again with a pair of magnetic socks!


The songs used in this video were taken from this Royalty Free Music Site: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-fr... and is under a Creative Commons License



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    15 Discussions

    I bought 24 pairs of the same socks, much easier.... If 1 is damaged, simply throw it away...

    and when you get home you just wriggle out of them magnetic socks and kick them to the fridge door. grab a drink and go to the couch. and in the morning pick them before opening the fridge for your morning milk. 

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    Won't the magnets stick to the washer/dryer, and the you'll lose both of them?

    Glad you liked it!
    I'm uploading Episode 31 now, and the contest announcement will be tonight...
    I look forward to seeing your entry! :)

    lol, i havent actually tried them on, but the magnets are at the top, so they shouldn't be that annoying... besides, it's a Stupid Invention after all... :)

     Magnets are suppose to help your bones and muscles, like with pain, so there is another good thing about them.