video Episode 33: Passover Special - The Afikoman Finder

For the Pesach / Passover Seder this year, make sure that you’re the one who finds the Afikoman with the Afikoman Finder from Stupid Inventions.

This handy device sends out a signal to the Afikoman bag, making it beep, so finding it will be a snap!

Be the envy of everyone at the seder with the Afikoman Finder!



Happy Pesach / Passover everyone from Stupid Inventions!

God bless you too! As always, your #1 Canadian Fan {{{{{Porcupinemamma}}}}}!!
Thanks, lol.

I'm glad to see I have a fan base in two countries, :)
Robot Lover5 years ago
God bless you both from your #1 American fan!
StupidInventions (author)  Robot Lover5 years ago