Episode 6: Gameboy Special: Replacing the Screen





Introduction: Episode 6: Gameboy Special: Replacing the Screen

The Original Gameboy is now 20 years old, but unfortunately a common problem with these awesome portable gaming devices is that their screens start to break if not stored properly. Well we here at Stupid Inventions have made the following video to show you how to replace the screen of your own beloved Gameboy. Even if your Gameboy is working, watch the video to see inside the gaming device and see how it works!

Happy 20th Birthday Gameboy!

And yes, I realize i have way too many Nintendo toys... :)

Link To Purchase You're Own Set Of Gameboy Screwdrivers:

Here's an article someone sent us that also explains the innards of the Gameboy:



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    This is good! But the fast forwarded parts seem a bit too silent. Maybe you could play some Nintendo music during those parts.

    you could take the screen of and not the buttons with it

    Why not just use the new gameboy instead of replacing the parts? It would save you lots of time and you would have the screen protector.

     And tetris!!! YOUR FORGETTING ABOUT TETRIS (>.<)

    Anyone whose spent as many precious childhood hours as me playing that giant grey gaming brick, would probably agree that its worth taking the time to repair the screen with the screen of somebody else’s Gameboy, even if its only worth it sentimentally. Still, I’m glad you liked the video, and if you want check out the rest of the Stupid Inventions! Zachary Snyder Stupid Inventor