Episode 9: the Ped-Mouse




Introduction: Episode 9: the Ped-Mouse

With all of the different Computer Mouse Case Modifications floating around the internet, we decided to try and make our own.....
Stupid Inventions is proud to present our Computer Mouse Case-Mod, and we can honestly declare it is by far one of the stupidest, and weirdest case mods out there!

Other Case-Mods Mentioned in this video! (I didn't make them but you can still check them out):
NES Mouse and Rubiks Cube Mouse: http://gizmodo.com/5243888/nes-and-ru...
Dead Mouse Mouse: https://www.instructables.com/id/Mouse...



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    The mouse mouse is pure genius and you know it.

    lol ill admit its a hilarious concept, but i would never own/use/touch it... would you?

    Yes. I would go the distance just to be able to have such a pun-a-riffic item,

    lol, well long live the Mouse Mouse then! but ill stick with my ped-mouse! :)

    I'm sorry, but ped-mouse just makes me think of pedo-mouse. Maybe someone should make a pedobear casemod for a mouse.

    how about a mouse controlled mouse like eather a hamster ball scroll ball so the mouse can run in the ball or a see through cup that joined onto the computer mouse and have the mouse run in the cup or mouse in hamster ball in cup atached to computer mouse then you have the real computer mouse "squeek"

    lol, so then the mouse gets to choose what I do on the computer?

    that sounds like a fun idea, although hed probably only want to go to cheese.com...