Step 1: Create the shape

C:\Documents and Settings\Donald Squire.SPORK\Desktop\New Folder (2)\IM000764.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Donald Squire.SPORK\Desktop\New Folder (2)\IM000769.JPG
For this sphere I had magents close by so I emeded the magnet while the epoxy was still soft. I get most of my magnets from my boys kids meal toys. This magnet worked allright but when I was finlizing the shape the magnet sunk into the sphere. I shaved the epoxy to maintain the strength of the magnet.

Step 2: Cube Magnet

This is a cube that I made some time ago. My son loves when I pull it out of his ear. To make this into a magnet I drilled a shallow hole with a forsner bit. I secured the small magent with some superglue.

Both of these magnets are small and probably present a choking hazard. When I make more in the future I'll try to incorporate some washers to increase the size and maybe make them "artisitc". Thanks
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RadBear7 years ago
Instead of using a piece of paper to protect the work piece check out this instructable:Bench Vise Work Protector

I think the author is an unsung genius...but I may be a little biased. :)
forkknifespoon (author) 7 years ago
Don't forget to wear gloves and be safe when working with epoxy or any chemicals. Also, don't eat the magnets.