I use epoxy for a lot of different things. I've fixed our flip-top trash can as well as our skidsteer with it. Whenever I have extra epoxy after a project I make a square or sphere or whatever shape out of it. Now I'm making those shapes into fridge magnets. Amazing, I know.

Step 1: Create the shape

For this sphere I had magents close by so I emeded the magnet while the epoxy was still soft. I get most of my magnets from my boys kids meal toys. This magnet worked allright but when I was finlizing the shape the magnet sunk into the sphere. I shaved the epoxy to maintain the strength of the magnet.
Instead of using a piece of paper to protect the work piece check out this instructable:<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/E0B8YZ8F1Y7H0F4/">Bench Vise Work Protector</a><br/><br/>I think the author is an unsung genius...but I may be a little biased. :)<br/>
Don't forget to wear gloves and be safe when working with epoxy or any chemicals. Also, don't eat the magnets.

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