This is a cheap way for robotics makers to get high quality gear motors 4 their robots & contribute 2 save the environment.I bought EPSON CX4300 for only 50 $. A great deal for a nieve. Soon it began to eat ink replacements. each repalcement

cost 42 $. After 2 ink changes I decided not 2 b a cash cow for EPSON..So I bought the Direct ink kit which was a good


Step 1: Happy Hour Ends

The direct ink kit is a big reservoir that feeds the cartridges thru rubber pipes..the entire kit cost 45 $ and

worked equal to 7 ink changes. That is 45 $ against 300 $

Soon happy hour ended when printer began to give alot of error msg. I tried many tricks like take out the same cartirde

and put it back; remove air bubble from rubber pipes by asyringe...all worked for a short time...but sounds like the

printer just got stuborn.

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