Equalizer LED Table With Build-in Speakers


Introduction: Equalizer LED Table With Build-in Speakers

In this instructable i'll show you my LED table. It consists of over 100 LEDs, 2 speakers, some circuitry for the equalizer and audio crossover. The table can switch between normal LED illumination of the whole square and the on channel equalizer function. 
What you cant see: if you place something in the corners of the table, LDRs notice that and a red LED starts to be on in the corresponding corner of the LED part of the table.

The glass is coated with a special light scattering film and the LED have a special distance for perfect illumination of the squares. Those are arranged like it is shown in the picture - per 3 LEDs one square. The table is stained wood and also selfmade.
The whole table works perfectly fine and looks very cool! 



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