Equatorial Mount for Solar Panels and Solar Cookers and a Possible Alternative to Scheffler Solar Kitchens





Introduction: Equatorial Mount for Solar Panels and Solar Cookers and a Possible Alternative to Scheffler Solar Kitchens

Some info on how equatorial mount works that may be helpful.



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All of my best eco tools I made with inplix.

Sounds like spam to me. The equatorial mount thing is to keep the panels pointed at the sun all the time. This gets more electricity from them throughout the year. If the mount is cheap enough, it shortens the payback time. Estimates for how much electricity panels produce are likely to be wildly optimistic anyway. Production goes right down if they are slightly dirty or if they are not pointed exactly at the sun.

Very interesting. I am related to the Scheffler family in Germany and will be very interested in your final results.

My attempt to scale this up to solar cooker size is at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7169062&l=bdacdfca26&id=736625766 It is going fairly well and the next part is to figure out how to make the reflector Here is video of the thing from the 6th September 2010

and here is the link  for the video (embed looks strange just now)

I can't see the video, neither with Firefox nor with Chrome.

Please add some explanations, I am working in a similar mount, the matter is very interesting for me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhKYvwl86pA is the video direct link.
I am not planning anything else.  It simply takes up too much time and I need to get back to other stuff (like work!) and earning money.
You could put in a request for a new instructable  about equatorial mount on the forums.
Anybody with a telescope probably knows more about it than me. It would be great to see them contribute.

Yes, I understand your time problem perfectly. But have mercy on those who do not speak English, put complete subtitles in the video (now I can see it!) in English, of course. I could read and understand them very well, but I understand 10% what you say. There are thousands like me, I am not an isolated case.

I know the equatorial mount, I use it in my solar cooker. It is the best mounting for a
solar based device.

My "parabola" is a mirror arrange, Scheffler-Fresnel like.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-JpBu6vCgE is a much shorter version and hopefully youtube captions or subtitles will work on it. 
Please let me know if it is helpful

I regret to say that the subtitles do not appear. Thanks anyway for the effort.