Picture of Equipment needed to be a good airsoft sniper
this my first instuctable so be nice :)
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Step 1: Ghille suit

Picture of ghille suit
you dont really need a ghille suit to be a good sniper but it helps you to blend in with the eviroment around you. they are not to excpencive around £80 up to £200

Step 2: Sniper

Picture of Sniper
of cource you need a decent sniper perconally i use my Warrior l96 awp. there is lots of diferent  snipers you can have but if you are a beginner i recomend you to get some sort of a l96 spring powerd 500 fps

Step 3: Side arm

Picture of Side arm
the side arm is either a small compact machine gun or a pistol, i have a 18c burst fire and semi automatic glock. these range from the prices of £20 to £150

Step 4: Ammunition

Picture of ammunition
this depends on the FPS (feet per scond) your gun is. if it is 500 fps like mine i recompent 0.26-0.30 gram. if you have .26 gram you will get more force but less distance but .30 bb's you will get more distance and better accuracy but dont get to high with ammunition or it coud clog up your barrel and nakker it :S

Step 5: Foot wear

Picture of Foot wear
your foot wear is important, you need thick durable but light boots and waterproof because you will be crawling on the floow alot of the time in game

Step 6: Spare equipment

Picture of Spare equipment
you need spare equipment such as spar magazines and bbs and airsoft grenades.

Step 7: Saftey gear

Picture of Saftey gear
the most improtant part of airsoft is protection. i advise getting a full paint ball mask and fingerless leather gloves... fingerless so you can reload easy. NEVER TAKE OF MASK IN GAME OR SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN!!

I agree with MacSuibhne, there are too many of these airsoft guides on Instructables. This one makes some good points, you don't go into much detail, but the basics are there.

Personally I wouldn't use full face as a sniper, but eye protection is the most important thing! I would recommend MIL spec goggles / glasses especially, because they are approved by the military they are guaranteed to protect you from any BB hits! Since you are a sniper you probably won't be getting hit as much or at least not from close range and a mesh half face can be restrictive and uncomfortable so I would say at least get a shemagh or neoprene mask (or wear both) but never leave your mouth vulnerable and exposed either because you could have a tooth chipped or knocked out!

Also, if you do want to get a ghillie suit I think Helikon ones are good value! £58 from Military1st.co.uk and you get trousers, shirt and a hood / veil thingy. I think a rifle wrap might come with it but I'm not sure.

Tactical Kit is a very good website for goggles or glasses by the way!

good review
zasxcd5 years ago
what grenade is that ive never seen one of those before
asda1246 zasxcd4 years ago
you can get them on kapowwe for $8
sweet do you know how they work, if so how?
will10103 years ago
i made my own ghille suit (well im still working on it) but i unfortuntaly couldnt get fish net so i got bird netting and it doesnt look so nice, so GET FISH NETTING.
asda12464 years ago
i dont think a full face mask sniping is a great idea
ilpug asda12464 years ago
i snipe and i use a full mask. works fine.
medius4 years ago
Personal experiences as an airsoft sniper: Just carry an extra mag (My rifle holds 20 rounds), and you should be fine. I have a lightweight spring pistol as a backup (Stinger P9). It has a bb well in the back, so with 100 rounds it's a very nice back up. Cheap, too. I like the review by the way.
shawbob4 years ago
At least you know what your on about, half the people on instructables seem to think that a .20g bb with a muzzle velocity of 500fps will go further than a .30g bb going 475fps.
zasxcd5 years ago
Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves Whoaaaaaoaaaaaoh !
Izokay5 years ago
 That's not an ACOG, it's an aimpoint sight.
zasxcd Izokay5 years ago
shhh dont argue with the all powerful author he might smite you :O
Yeah I was wondering about that...
MacSuibhne5 years ago
Right some (hopefully you will see it this way!) constructive criticism.
First, the entire "Airsoft XXXXXX 101" thing is on here far too many times already, and from what I have read a lot of them are patchy. You have some decent information in here but it is again lacking in some areas where it is good in others.
I like how you discussed the impact of different weight BBs in your rifle, even if it was a little short, you have the right idea with regards speed and accuracy.
However, when you say "dont get to high with ammunition or it coud clog up your barrel and nakker it", I feel you have misunderstood something somewhere! 
The 0.26 and 0.3 - that is grams, the SI unit of mass. The diameter of the BBs should be roughly the same for all decent brands (5.95-5.98mm with tolerences in the range of +- 0.03 or so if you are using 6mm) and no manufacturer would make the heavier BBs too big to fit your barrel ;)
The rest of what you said is good, but more detail would be nice. Until then it doesn't really stand out among the other guides I have seen as there is far too little in the way of solid information or disscussion.
thing 25 years ago
 I like the tree holding a gun!
It's hard to be nice when your first instructable sucks so much.