Eraser Prank


Introduction: Eraser Prank

About: I'm a mechanical engineer, and I like computer programming, mechanics, electronics and specially the robotics.

If you want to have a little fun with your friends follow me.

Step 1: What You Need

To do this prank you need a mechanical pen.
And also you need your friend's eraser; you can borrow it.

Step 2: One Easy Step

Embed the lead of your mechanical pen into the eraser corners.

Step 3: What Will Happens

Now when your friend is going to erase paper with eraser, he/she can't erase it clearly.



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    Haha! I have accidentally done something like that to myself...

    i have also done that before, and i had discovered it by accident when i did it to myself

    its d coolest trick man....:D

    oh because it annoys my brother

    hey you might wanna search instructables BEFORE you make em' cuz this ones pretty much exactly like mine.... just saying...

    1 reply

    Sorry, you're right!

    nice thing, i've already done this. The fun part is that when you forgot that and you got your dirty.