If you want to have a little fun with your friends follow me.

Step 1: What You Need

To do this prank you need a mechanical pen.
And also you need your friend's eraser; you can borrow it.

Step 2: One Easy Step

Embed the lead of your mechanical pen into the eraser corners.

Step 3: What Will Happens

Now when your friend is going to erase paper with eraser, he/she can't erase it clearly.

<p>Haha! I have accidentally done something like that to myself...</p>
i have also done that before, and i had discovered it by accident when i did it to myself
Can u sub to my channel? :D
its d coolest trick man....:D<br>
Hey,awesome inscructable!
I don't know
oh because it annoys my brother
hey you might wanna search instructables BEFORE you make em' cuz this ones pretty much exactly like mine.... just saying...
Sorry, you're right!
nice thing, i've already done this. The fun part is that when you forgot that and you got your dirty.

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