Erganomic Oblique Dip Pen Concept




Introduction: Erganomic Oblique Dip Pen Concept

Please be patient for the video to play ^.^

For this ergonomic dip pen I started by adding plaster scene to a brass rod and modeling a grip which felt good in me hand in my normal righting position.

Once I had a good reference model I cut some wood into block and drew the profile onto the wood.
I used the drawn line as a guide to cut out on the band saw.
I then used my plaster-scene reference model to draw the side profile on the now ruff edge by looking vertically down on the model.
I used the band saw to cut along this edge.

I then used a proxxon Longneck Angle Grinder with tungsten carbide burrs disk to refine the shape using my plaster-scene model as a guide.

I refined this shape further with sanding disks before drilling the hole for the dip pen ferrule. (With my dip pens I like to re enforce the ferrule hole with a 7mm brass tube.. this part isn't needed but will increase the life of your tool)

I haven't used a finish on this pen yet as I plan to make more adjustments to it though I would recommend a toy safe melamine lacquer or any hard wearing finish as its a tool which is likely to get a lot of use.

In the video I mention I have a kickstarter campaign currently running. This kickstarter is to gain cash to fix or replace my broken lathe, helping to ensure I can continue making cool things. If you are interested in supporting me and this project pleas visit



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