Hello gorgeous people!

So this was my first cosplay attempt EVER, Erza Scarlet’s Heart Kreuz Armor from the anime Fairy Tail. And since I got frustrated searching the internet for tutorials and found nothing useful, I promised myself to share my knowledge with everyone if the armor turned out to be a success!
Before we start I just want to point out that this was all a trial and error process, so there may be a few blunders I fixed along the way. I worked using proportions and not by accurate numbers, so you might have to measure things on yourselves using your own scale as a reference. And speaking of scales, I am 1.53m tall, pretty short! So consider that this armor was made according to my tiny size, and you might have to work out the proportions and make a few adjustments to create your own perfect fit.

I hope this step-by-step tutorial will be useful and help you all make a much better armor than mine.

And of course if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me here or email me at ( noormarji@gmail.com ) and I’ll be more than happy to help you with anything!

((DISCLAIMER: All rights to "Fairy Tail" the anime and the manga go to its creator Hiro Mashima and TV Tokio))

In this part we will go through the making of the: Sword.

Materials you will need:

- Butter paper sheets.
- White (A1/A0) 2mm thick cardboard.
- UHU or any other all-purpose adhesive.
- Chrome metallic Silver, Textured metallic silver & Black spray-paint.
- Thick black markers.
- Thick silver marker.
- Pencil.
- Steel ruler.
- Cutter.

Step 1: Making the Blade Pt.1

Your sword should be proportional to your height. You don't want it to be bigger than you are, and you also don't want it to be the size of a toothpick. To measure it approximately with you as the scale, the blade should go from the ground up to the bottom of your hip, and the handle should end above your hip, almost at your bellybutton. It should also be almost half the width of your leg, I made mine a bit wide for a more dramatic effect, since it's the Titania and she should have a gigantic sword. But you can alter those to your liking but keep your own proportions in mind.

We are making the sword out of cardboard, that material is very very hard and the sword will be a bit heavy, but remember that this is only a prop, so don't hit anyone on the head with it because that is sure to leave a mark.

Starting with the blade, you want to draw an approximate shape on a separate piece of butter paper with the desired length and width, also the curves at the top where the blade meets the handle and the pointed tip of the sword. You don't want to make that too pointy, but we'll fix that as we go.

After you have your butter paper draft, trace that on your A1 white cardboard piece. You will need 2 identical pieces. Cut that cardboard blade out using your cutter and your steel ruler and make sure all your lines are straight and parallel to each other.

Also, and this is very important, make sure that both sides of your blade are identical mirrors of each other, you don't want to be drawing those haphazardly! Measure them by drawing straight lines where each curve begins and ends, that should help you with the size of the curve. As for the arc itself, draw it by eye first, then when you cut one side out, keep the cut-out you got, flip it on its reverse side and transfer that shape onto the other side of the blade. As you can see in the pictures I only cut one curved part at a time, that is to help me get perfectly identical mirror images on both sides.
The dark grey part on the place, is it the same height as the middle of the wings
<p>did you make the template yourself</p>
<p>can u make another erza scarlet's armour? the armadura fairy. thanks</p>
thank u this was rly helpful!!
<p>thank you so much i'm a new cosplayer and this really helped me out!!!!</p>
I can't believe this! I made it! :'))
is the sword strong? can it be swung around?
<p>So, we have plenty of old cardboard boxes -just battered and worn out. I used a dowel for extra strength because our cardboard was liable to bend and get wrecked. Also, I only had black and white paint, so I think I did the best I could under that light. Mainly, I was really really bored and wanted to make a cardboard sword, so it's not Erza Scarlet's sword. Just a black cool looking death stick. I've dubbed it Fuin Gurth, which is Elvish for 'Dark Death', but mainly I just call it the Bonkey stick.</p>
Hi! So I really want to do this, but I'm unsure where to find &quot;A1 cardboard.&quot; What exactly is that, and is it called anything else? I'm looking in the craft store and I can see many kinds of foam/cardboard but i want to make sure to get the right kind. Thanks very much!!
Oo! Next up, the 'Flame Empress', please?
this is suppellerbbberrnnjeemjjj
Awesome costume! I've recently started watching Fairy Tale, and I can definitely say this is the best Erza costume I've seen!
Wow!! Thank you so much!! :D This means a lot to me!
Omg how cool!!! Love fairy tail!!! &lt;3
Thank you! ^_^ Yeah fairy tail is really awesome!
cute................ <br> <br>i meant the sword really :D
Hahaha glad you liked the sword then :P
This has got to be my favorite costume on all of Instructables. I cannot say how awesome it is that you made this and did such a good job, with hardly any experience. Keep up the good work.
WOW!! Thank you thank you thank you!! This is too much.. I am honored!! So glad you liked it!! :D
Oh, and I forgot to mention how very pretty you are, costume or not.
Haha hopefully in the future.
I really enjoyed this instructable. Clever use of materials, and a very clean result! <br> <br>I'm about to attempt a costume with some craft foam and a vacuum former (which I still need to complete), and I will need a sword for it, so your instructable may come in very handy indeed! <br> <br>I may have to go farther and add a strip of carbon fiber to reduce flex, as the blade will be very thin and wielded by a 7-year-old.
Thank you so much for your kind words! <br>Carbon fiber is such a good idea, I would love to see what it looks like when it's done!! <br>And I'm so glad you found this useful, I'm always willing to help if you need anything at all :D
This is fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing!! :-) <br>
Thank you very much! :D
Awesome cosplay also the erza character fits you very well
Aww thank you! :D That's so nice of you!
I am not familiar with the term butter paper. could you clarify?
Butter paper is a very thin see-through kind of paper, similar to tracing paper but thinner and more flexible. It has the same texture of baking paper, except this isn't used in the kitchen!

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