Dazzle everyone with this great carved faux foam pumpkin! It's easier than you think and I'll share my design! It will be a delight to bring it out every year. Check out the easy steps.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Prepare Your Image

I know… you are probably thinking ‘I can’t do that!’ Well, let me reassure you, if you can trace a line, you can 'totally' carve this absolutely awesome pumpkin. It is Dremel carved into a permanent pumpkin but I don't see why it wouldn't work the same way on a real one. I just like to be able to keep it after my efforts. Ohhhh, the skeleton is escaping through the zipper… watch out!

Here is what you will need:

  • a Faux Foam Pumpkin like these or these
  • a printed image (photo editing software and B&W printer) to use for the design (or use mine)
  • some plain white glue & brush & bowl
  • water
  • a 'Dremel' or rotary tool
  • Dremel tool tip like this
  • black acrylic paint & brush
  • a black metal teeth zipper (extra length ok) about 11"
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • LED or battery pumpkin light

I make sure I use my own images rather than stealing others, and this pretty realistic plastic scull was a good model. I used a picture that I took of it, but you can use whatever image you like; ideally it should have a variety of light and dark. I've used images of myself with a scary look as well.

This design was ‘Photoshopped’ together with some images of the hands and had some slight adjustments of levels. You are looking to have a good amount of light medium and dark in the picture.

Next, make your image into grayscale. To translate it into simples areas of light and dark, use the image > adjustments > posterize control. This breaks the image into a number of flat colours. You can choose how many you like. Set it to a few like 3-8 levels. It will now look less ‘smooth’, but that is what you want. Each area is now meant to be a different value which will be carved a different depth. If you don't want to make your own image you can download mine for free here: Print the image and make sure it is a good size for your size of pumpkin. Print an extra one for reference.

<p>Great Tutorial on the carving. What a cool look. and I love the cross crafting. I would like to know a little more about your printed image, did you draw the printed image from scratch? Can you show how you &quot;Photoshopped&quot; it together in a another tutorial ? or point me into a good direction. </p>
<p>Thanks! I took a picture of my plastic skull and then opened it in Photoshop(PS). If you like, you can download my image (there's a link in the tutorial) To add the hands etc you will need some basic PS skills:</p><p> <a href="https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/graphic-design-basics.html">https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/graphic-d...</a></p><p>I added the hands images that I found online, manipulated them(sized and flipped and rotated). If you have an image that you like, follow the tutorial by making it a black and white (grayscale)image (image &gt; mode &gt; grayscale). To translate it into areas of light and dark, use the image &gt;adjustments &gt; posterize control. Set it to a few like 3-8 levels. It will look less &lsquo;smooth&rsquo;, but that is what you want. Each areas will be carved at a different depth to show light and dark. Hope that helps! </p>
<p>Thank you barb. you have inspired me to learn PS. </p>
<p>Also, your zipper effect is is way too cool to not copy!</p>
<p>That's awesome!!!</p>
<p>My motto: be original... Thanks!</p>
<p>Same here :)</p>
<p>Good Motto! I like it!</p>
<p>Beautiful work~</p>
<p>This is absolutely cool! </p>
Thanks! 'And it comes together quite easily with the help of a power tool. Love it when I can use a tool rather than my own energy... ;-)
I love the zipper and the paint on the outside... it's a really cool idea!
<p>it must be all my different crafts coming together, as I sew quite often...</p>
<p>It really gives dimension to the pumpkin.</p>
Awesome. So many ideas in my head right now!!!!
<p>I'm happy to inspire creativity!</p>
Me too :) :)
<p>That is so cool! Voted!</p>
Thank you! 'Much appreciated!
<p>Cool project. I do shaded pumpkins, and this taught me something. I never thought to print on thin paper and use glue. I always used the poke outlines, then color back over with marker where needed for clarity, this is much easier/faster. Thanks for the tip!</p>
Thanks. Being an artist by trade I have had many instances of transferring to materials. This way is much more 'visual'. Glad it helped!
<p>This is awesome !! Voted :)</p>
Oh THANK YOU!!! Glad you liked it!!
This is beyond kewl!
<p>Than you! I needed to create something completely original.</p>
Great job and technic!
Thanks! I believe tutorials should be thorough and have great pictures. 'Hope you give it a shot!
This is great! Is your pumpkin made of foam?
<p>Yes, it is one of the craft pumpkins that you can buy at most craft stores. &quot;Funkin&quot; We have them at Michael's Craft stores here. The walls are about 1/2&quot; thick</p>

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