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Introduction: Escher Cookies

About: I am an architect specialized in project communication, 3D modelling and rapid prototyping.

Making some funny cookies with M.C.Escher drawings and a Makerbot.

Chocolate Cookies:
300g Flour
30g Dark Chocolate
130g Sugar
150g Cold butter
3 Egg yolks

Nut Cookies:
300g Flour
200g Sugar
200g Nuts
200g Cold butter
1 egg + 1 egg yolk

Follow the video to see all the steps

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    Thanks everybody for your comments!!
    I'm so happy that you appreciate my work.

    Ahahaah..più che altro mitica la Coop!!!

    This is genial!!!! I love it!

    Absolutely amazing! Great idea!

    sooooo coool!!!!! great idea!

    I'm sure that Escher would have loved these cookies and he would have exclaimed,"Why didn't I think of this?!"

    is it possible for them to be gluten free?

    I love the idea, really great, congratulations a simple idea that is really super:)

    1 reply

    Thank you Mrnik, I appreciate your comment!

    I want one! I would love to have an Escher cookie cutter. I'm sure I would be one step from bliss.

    If you market it I will buy one or more. I vote yesss

    I enjoyed your sharing, now I want a Makerbot. YIKES

    1 reply

    Ahaha..yes it changes your life, it is sure!!!
    But be can lose your sleep in order to make it working :)

    I, too, would pay hard earned money to buy a set of these! Great idea!

    1 reply

    Mmmhmhm..I am working on it, probably with some modifications I could sell the cutter but in few days I will make the 3d model available...

    ABSOLUTELY Terrific job on the video! I do love Escher art too!!!

    1 reply

    Thank was funny making the video and I hope Escher would appreciate this work too :)

    Never mind, I dug it out using the Video sort.

    ?Did not see this in the cookie contest?

    Nice. Also video is great.
    How can buy some of thes forms F

    Is this a winner? Oh hell yes it is! Love this!!!