video Escher Cookies
Making some funny cookies with M.C.Escher drawings and a Makerbot.

Chocolate Cookies:
300g Flour
30g Dark Chocolate
130g Sugar
150g Cold butter
3 Egg yolks

Nut Cookies:
300g Flour
200g Sugar
200g Nuts
200g Cold butter
1 egg + 1 egg yolk

Follow the video to see all the steps
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aledeana (author) 2 years ago
Thanks everybody for your comments!!
I'm so happy that you appreciate my work.
micicio10 months ago

miticooo! e coop forever!

aledeana (author)  micicio10 months ago

Ahahaah..più che altro mitica la Coop!!!

MicioGatta11 months ago

This is genial!!!! I love it!

Juleemt1 year ago

Absolutely amazing! Great idea!

pabsenger1 year ago
sooooo coool!!!!! great idea!
I'm sure that Escher would have loved these cookies and he would have exclaimed,"Why didn't I think of this?!"
is it possible for them to be gluten free?
mrnik02 years ago
I love the idea, really great, congratulations a simple idea that is really super:)
aledeana (author)  mrnik02 years ago
Thank you Mrnik, I appreciate your comment!
lazyoaks2 years ago
I want one! I would love to have an Escher cookie cutter. I'm sure I would be one step from bliss.

If you market it I will buy one or more. I vote yesss

I enjoyed your sharing, now I want a Makerbot. YIKES
aledeana (author)  lazyoaks2 years ago
Ahaha..yes it changes your life, it is sure!!!
But be careful..you can lose your sleep in order to make it working :)
susieclue2 years ago
I, too, would pay hard earned money to buy a set of these! Great idea!
aledeana (author)  susieclue2 years ago
Mmmhmhm..I am working on it, probably with some modifications I could sell the cutter but in few days I will make the 3d model available...
kayakdiver2 years ago
ABSOLUTELY Terrific job on the video! I do love Escher art too!!!
aledeana (author)  kayakdiver2 years ago
Thank you..it was funny making the video and I hope Escher would appreciate this work too :)
wb8nbs2 years ago
Never mind, I dug it out using the Video sort.
wb8nbs2 years ago
?Did not see this in the cookie contest?
Nice. Also video is great.
How can buy some of thes forms F
Is this a winner? Oh hell yes it is! Love this!!!
aledeana (author)  JezebelJelly2 years ago
I really hope it :) thank you for your comment.
marhar2 years ago
Very nice! Have you made your 3D design available?
aledeana (author)  marhar2 years ago
I will make it available in few days, I will let you know!
INTHERMA2 years ago
Great idea, but your video, double great.
aledeana (author)  INTHERMA2 years ago
Ahah thanks...but sorry for my furry arms in the video :D
EhiCigo2 years ago
wow good!
aledeana (author)  EhiCigo2 years ago
SuperCigo!!! ...and the Makerbot works!!!
asimas2 years ago
Would you consider selling a set of the cookie cutters? I LOVE them!
Likewise, I would love to get ahold of cutters like these!
alxjpow2 years ago
mlegrand12 years ago
love it!
ttaze2 years ago
Ale voglio anch'io quella formina buffa! :) Bravissimo
zighive2 years ago
excellent example of interdisciplinary ;)
aledeana (author)  zighive2 years ago
Thanks! But you have to be careful..you don't have to eat cookie cutters instead of the biscuits...ahahah!!
fretted2 years ago
M.C.Escher ROCKS i've collected his works for years love this idea great job !
aledeana (author)  fretted2 years ago
I love Escher too..I have seen his images for years and now I found a way to use them!!
I love these! Great idea!
aledeana (author)  RollerScrapper2 years ago
Thank you RollerScrapper!!
Mar HK2 years ago
YES! I was explaining to my family over the holidays why an Escher cookie cutter would be wonderful for sugar cookies. Thank you!
aledeana (author)  Mar HK2 years ago
Yeeh! I was doing the same on my holidays and I made this cookies only to explain my idea to my 90-years-old grandmother!!!
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