Step 7: 24 grit Carbide disc

Picture of 24 grit Carbide disc
Porter Cable makes a really great carbide chip abrasive disk for $7. Really great for carving wood.
Dangerous! Great for carving human flesh also, so be careful.
It also flings crap in all directions and will fill your lungs with dust. War all your safety gear.
They tell you to only use it with their backing plate, but it seems to work fine with a regular stiff backing pad from a disk sander.
Wear safety glasses and dust mask. Clamp and shape the blades. Smooth out all the marks from the planer. Round the corners of the handle. I like to leave my handles mostly rectangular like a hockey stick.

Switch to a finer grit sanding disk and smooth out the gouges from the carbide chip wheel.
Hand sand with finer grits of sandpaper until you're satisfied with the finish. Use epoxy mixed with wood dust to fill any cracks or glue back any chips that broke off during shaping. Finish the paddle with linseed oil, varnish, or whatever you prefer. Some people leave the part your hands will grip unfinished.

I like linseed oil because I can soak it in, wipe it dry, and

Go paddling!

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