Introduction: Essence Burner With an Acuarius Can

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Build an essence burner with an Acuarius can.

Step 1: Cut:

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Cut the top with a can openner.
Cut this area to insert the candle, and make some holes.

Step 2: Take Another Can:

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Cut the buttom of another can and place it in the top.

Step 3: Drop Some Essence and Light the Candle

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Beltaneh (author)2015-05-17

This is a great idea in its simplicity :)

jetsmiley123 (author)2009-07-05

this is a really cool Instructable!!! I'm going to make this for my moms birthday, but i was just wondering, how and what did you use to make the handle, because that would be a nice touch, my moms be-day is very close, so reply ASAP! thanks!!!

Moises (author)2006-08-28

Incense are the sticks, essence is the liquid.

rebladkins (author)Moises2007-11-02

Actually incense is made from essence/essential oils/fats/waxes/solids. Essence literally means, "a perceived presence". Kind of like a spirit or ghost of some thing, if you will.

Gardias (author)Moises2006-08-28

Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification.

_diyMATT (author)2006-08-28

Looks like a good way to get the stink out of the apartment when all you have is off-name soda and a can opener.

gerardburpo (author)2006-08-28

I've never heard of Acuarius. Does it have to be this kind of can?

Gardias (author)2006-08-28

Isn't is spelt Incense?

TheCheese9921 (author)Gardias2006-08-28

i think so

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