Introduction: Essential Oil Flea Shampoo

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Step 1: Dog With Fleas

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Step 2: 8oz Flea Shampoo

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Made with natural ingredients.

Step 3: Add the Oil Mixture

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2 drops citronella essential oil
2-4 drops lemon essential oil
2-4 drops clary sage essential oil
5-6 drops of peppermint essential oil

Step 4: Wash the Dog

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Step 5: Wash the Face Last

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Step 6: Finish With More Love

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seamster (author)2016-05-24

Cute pup! :)

Does this shampoo recipe get rid of existing fleas, or repel future ones? (Or both?)

Hello Seamster, this shampoo is for both, I have to coment that, when Joy was takin a shower I left the shampoo for few minutes and I did it twice, I was impressed on how many fleas were on her nose, she was even bleeding, and at the rinse water many came out dead, and I pulled so many fleas that was scary, all the fleas wanted to leave my little dog.
I got a natural flea and tick shapoo and added the oils. I use only 3 tablespoons for each bath, so 8oz. Will be goo for a good month treatment.
Thank you.

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