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Essential Student Shelf

This shelf is made to suffice need of every student out there. Being a fully stable and rotating shelf, the shelf can load itself with objects ranging from Laptops to Books to Stationery.

This DIY shelf is easy to make with all the pieces available in a normal wood-shop. The elegant and stable design makes it visually pleasing in your study room.

P.S.-Even the mobile phones can be kept on the top and the small shelf. Pencil stand of any size can be placed on the triangular part (top).

Step 1: Shaping Up the Ply

Picture of Shaping Up the Ply

1.) A 12 mm thickness ply is cut according to the dimensions provided.

2.) 6 pieces of triangular shape are cut (84 cm * 29 cm).

3.) 1 circle of 36 cm radius is cut.

4.) 1 circle of 18 cm radius is cut. Further cut into 120 degrees (3 pieces ).

5.) 3 rectangular pieces of size ( 8 cm * 7.5 cm) is cut.

6.) 3 rectangular pieces of size (19 cm * 8 cm) is cut.

Step 2: Erecting the Pieces.

Picture of Erecting the Pieces.

1.) Make an equilateral triangle of 5 cm ( centroid to vertex ) on the 36 cm circle.

2.) From each vertex of the triangle made, make a 120 degrees beam and erect the triangular pieces on the lines of 120 degrees beam.

3.) Make grooves and hammer the triangular pieces to make them erect.

Step 3: Attaching the Section Pieces.

Picture of Attaching the Section Pieces.

1.) Hammer the circular pieces first at an height of 32 cm from the base, on the 120 degrees diversion of triangular pieces.

2.) Hammer accordingly the rectangular pieces ( 19 cm * 8 cm) at the height of 32 cm from the bottom.

3) Hammer the smaller rectangular pieces ( 7.5 cm * 8 cm ) accordingly in the picture. At the height of 65 cm from the bottom of the triangular piece. ALL THE THREE.

4.) Attach 4 wheels accordingly to make the shelf stable and rotating.

Step 4: Filing, Finishing and Painting the Shelf

Picture of Filing, Finishing and Painting the Shelf

1.) The parts are filed accordingly, finished and painted. Users customization and preference are advised

Step 5: Completion of the Shelf

Picture of Completion of the Shelf

Hence , the shelf is complete.


7Bgamers (author)2017-02-20

nice design! have you considered putting a round plate on top, to make it a side table with storage space?

Anoushkrit Goel (author)7Bgamers2017-02-21

Good Idea though ....I will consider it.

But then the design will transform from conical to cylindrical.

AbhishekD128 (author)2017-02-20

Appealing design !

Thanx Man!!

saaranggaggar (author)2017-02-20

Great Job!

Thanx Man!!

mrsmerwin (author)2017-02-20

I love the unique shape.

Thank you....Tried something off-mainstream

Swansong (author)2017-02-20

That looks neat :)

Anoushkrit Goel (author)Swansong2017-02-20

Thanx ....Tried real hard to maintain the symmetry :)

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