Essential Computer Software (windows)




Introduction: Essential Computer Software (windows)

Some great windows xp software, most will work on vista

Step 1: The List

All are free as far as i am aware of. Tell me if it is not free.
I will not go in to much detail but google it and you will know more about in in 5secs.
it is up to you to find and download it
So the list....
Program.............................................Some info on it

1.Tweak Ui Great for changing the way xp looks, Look closer at 1st pic....No small arrow, a box

2.VLC If is is a audio or video media file, it will play it (did not want to play a weird .ogg that was encodes or something, but it does play them)

3.7-Zip I only use this over win rar to open .exe (some of them) that want you to install something so you can get a style xp skin, or like a self extracting software that is free but want to install other software.

4.LCP Great for recovering those "forgotten" (or thoes that were real forgotten) passwords for win xp, 2k. works over networks to or right on the comp.

5.Artmoney need to get some cash or health in the Game use artmoney (#'s only) and search for what you want to change or lock then fillter it some...can save and load tables and can download tables for some games.

6.FireFox The beast of web browsing (and if you are reading this you problem got it)

7.TuneXp Xp running slow get it going faster move boot files to outside of hard drive, change the
gui (down) to make xp faster.

8.Peer Guardian Keep you and me safe some weird places may be watching you.

9.Pidgen The all in one I M All the top ones Msn, yahoo, google, myspace, can be activ eon all of them at one time with one program.

10.Google desktop can add a side bar (dual monitor working too) to desktop many cool gadgets can be added, maps, google searches, clocks, calenders, countdowns, virtual desktops great not so on slow comps tho

11.Foxit Reader Can read pdf around acrobat reader it is so much faster, start up, and viewing

12.Nero Burn it what ever it is.

13.FileZilla Ftp FTP Client great when the windows network is messing with you

14.Xlight Ftp server can be used locally or access it over the internet.

15.Winamp Great for collecting media, oginization.

16.LCISOCreator Simple (have one button and one scroll down menu) makes iso's fast

17.Open Office Suck it M$ i am not paying over $1 for office (this is like m$ office pro)

18.Paintdotnet Photo shop clone?!?!? free, and free extension and is dual core optimized.

19.Win Vnc got 2 comps and to tired to run up and down the stairs to use the home computer or if you just piss some one off, take control of the comp.

20.Google earth I can see my house from here, but i am in my house

21. Speedfan Get rpm of fans and temps of cpu/gpu/motherboard can sometimes change speed of fan on some comps

22.Win rar Fast and free opens a lot of extensions but not .exe

23.Avast Scan for the problems (viruses) but keep you money simple ui and has easy to control scanning settings.



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      I would add Ad-aware, though it was bought by a new company and IMO it doesn't seem as nice Also CPUZ (from CPUID), shows all kinds of specs about your company (CPU, RAM, serial numbers, frequency tables on RAM) SUPER© free video conversion software, does a pretty good job, but can be unresponsive at times Thanks for the list Karcinagin

      1 reply

      that CPUZ line is *specs about your computer (oops)