Essi the Eskimo Ice Lolly Farmer




Introduction: Essi the Eskimo Ice Lolly Farmer

This is Essi the Eskimo. He is an Ice Lolly Farmer. He was on his way home from harvesting some of his crop when he started to feel a bit hungry so he decided dip into his basket and see just how good this year's orange lollies taste :)

Essie the Eskimo was inspired by a t-shirt design from threadless tees called Polar Gardening by Jean Sebastien Deheeger

He is made using amigurumi technique from acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfibre filling. He has plastic safety eyes and his arms are wired so they can bend. I used 3.5mm and 3mm crochet hooks.

You can find out more about me and my amigurumi designs by checking out my blog and my etsy shop.



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