This is an instructable about etching brass with electricity to make a badge. It is a well-known process and very easy to achieve.
It is based on the process explained in http://www.greenart.info/galvetch/contfram.htm and http://steampunkworkshop.com/electroetch.shtml.
Lots of information and very well detailed. I also want to enter in a contest of a famous webpage among hackers (wink, wink) and plan to have a workshop based on this.

Step 1: Warning

Just a few friendly reminders :
The chemicals used, altough not dangerous , can be toxic to certain level.
Be respectful with electricity. She makes  no friends.
Metal edges can be point and sharp, do not mess with them.
I guess your swiss ;)
Well, I like the way you think, but guess again :P.

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