For wedding centerpieces, I created etched glass centerpieces with each table name.

To make your own, you'll need:
- Glass vases
- Illustrator/design software
- Laser cutter
- Rotary laser cutter (optional)

Like all the rest of our wedding decorations, I made these at Techshop.

Step 1: Etching the Glass

Etching the glass on a laser cutter is pretty straightforward if you follow the correct settings. There are some helpful tips here: http://www.epiloglaser.com/downloads/whitepapers/...

In addition, I found the etch quality improved when I put a wet paper towel on top of the section about to be etched.

If you're etching a flat piece of glass, it's no different than standard laser etching. For rounded glass, the Epilog Laser has a rotary tool. It's useful, but the rotary tool is unpredictable so it's best to use a piece of glass that can be etched anywhere on the surface.

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