Introduction: Etching the Instructables Robot

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In this instructables we r going to etching a image onto glad pain but the same method will also work on glass cups

Step 1: Safety

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Befor we can get to the fun stuff we need to discuss safety. When working with rotory tools long hair should be held back in a hat or bun long sleeves must also be rolled up .gloves must be worn at all times when working with glass like this that could shatter.
Respiratory protection is also advised.altho not necessary for this project it's a good habit to get into remove rings when working in the shop.

Step 2: You Will Need

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First u need to print a photo black and white is just fine then tape it to the back of the glass
You will need
I'm useing glass off a Broken photo frame

A diamond coated tip for you're dremal

Printed photo


And dremal

Step 3: Etching

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From here on is pretty simple it's just like tracing useing a middle speed setting start tracing the lines not to hard not to lite u kinda get a feel for it I did this in about 10 min so it's REALY easy to make simple images

Step 4: Finished

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Now you're done!! remember to be carefull or you will break the glass like I did . Be safe thanks for reading


printrbot932 (author)2015-01-05

Didn't mean to put the ? Sorry I did drop it on my table

seamster (author)2015-01-05

Your etched robot looks cool. That's a bummer that the glass broke, though!

printrbot932 (author)seamster2015-01-05

Thank u! Yea I dropped it on my work bench?

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