Etching Your Car's Glass Window





Introduction: Etching Your Car's Glass Window

I made this video of how you can use glass etching processes to permanently place designs on your cars window. Its kinda like tattooing your cars glass window. Gives it a little personalization. Be sure to leave a comment of what you think. If you have any questions, just post a comment......... This work that done at



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    Looks great,how would it look if you place a hidden red led strip in the glass rubber seal,so only the sandblasting will glow red ???

    It is cool that you can do something like this with your auto glass. It would be nice to give it a try sometime. I think people take a lot of pride in making their vehicles customized to their tastes and preferences.

    Nice pictorial [video] ... shows what one can do to make people turn their heads - thanks cheers

    I like your instructable! Stickers get so faded and peel after awhile. I have thought of using the etching chemicals from craft stores for the same thing as what you have done. I see quite a few memorials in rear windows and this would be so nice for that. Very Classy!

    Very cool!
    I had no idea sand blasting could be so accurate.

    now go clean you car and camera :-))

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    haha I know its pretty terrible. The camera was very cheap and the sun was shining like crazy. O well. If you have any questions let me know.