78mm clear PLA. LED base. Wooden base box. Mains powered. Hollow cube with 4 'tunnels' passing through each side. 18 recesses per side. 2 recess corners per side. 4 hollow squares each side pass through to adjacent squares on other side. 2 other squares each side pass through to hollow squares on 2 others sides.

<p>Very impresive work which program do you use to design the stl? Good luck in the contest</p>
Thank you. SketchUp.
<p>why does it remind me of the swaztica</p>
I think both the Eternal Knot and swastika are ancient Buddhist symbols. Swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means &ldquo;good fortune&rdquo; or &ldquo;well-being. Hitler made the Nazi swastika unique to his party by reversing the normal direction of the symbol.
<p>Multi color version, 88mm. Poly lactic acid.</p>
Multi color version, 88mm
Orange poly lactic acid, 62mm
<p>Nice looking lamp! I'd love to take a look at the files! </p>

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