Switch relays from the ethernet or the internet, using your mobile, tablet or computer with a nice graphical user interface.

Update V4.06
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A user modified version with logon option is placed in step 5 for easy download.


    * Arduino MEGA 2560
    * Arduino Ethernet Shield
    * Relay board
    * RJ45 cable


    * Arduino Software version 1.0.1 (downloadable from Arduino Website )
    * A / B USB cable


    * Internet access with fixed IP for Arduino
    * Access to your router to share the port for internet access
    * Testing devices - your pc, mobile etc


    * This project was tested with iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and MacBook Pro running Safari and PC running Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE.
    * This project was created on October 2012 with the mentioned material.
    * Binary sketch size: 22,322 bytes (of a 258,048 byte maximum).
    * This sketch does not offer any sort of authentification, therefore if required to be used from outside the network or from the internet, I suggest to configure your network to connect trough VPN. Nowadays many routers and smartphones support VPN.

Step 1: Ethernet Switching - with Arduino - Description


    * With this project, I had not included any images, or links to images from the internet. It only make use of CSS3 and HTML5.
    * The simulated LEDs are created from CSS3 code.
    * Some browsers does not make full use of CSS3 and HTML5. Thus I suggest using Safari.

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