How to make a eurofighter hill out of knex for knex rollercoasters. For the second half of instructions click on this link http://www.knexguninstruction.blogspot.com
good job but i do belive many people could figure this out themself
But many people can't, so that's why the majority of us use Instructables.
i cant find the second half of instructions
ah i found the other half
can i put attach this lift to the loop?
I tried to make this, but my train don't hake into the chain: the chain blocks the car. Can anybody help?<br />
the elestic is to small then
Eurofighter? As in the Typhoon?
yes the typhoon is a Urofighter. the Term urofighter just refers to a specific type of roller coaster.
no it is the euro fighter typhoon cos this lift mimics it'sw special move called the sky winder.
The Typhoon is a sweet aircraft. Hopefully I'll be in/around one this time next week :)
It's kinda fat for a Urofighter but it's good looking,
Nooooo! This isn't his, He just steals them from people on youtube. =o<br/>
Is this your youtube account? <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/user/knexcoastertutorials">http://www.youtube.com/user/knexcoastertutorials</a><br/>
Nice one! Im sure people will like this.

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