This is the main hill lift, inverted 102 degree drop, and loopy  twist thingy (i don't know it's technical term=D) of a Eurofighter steel coaster called SAW-The Ride, at Thorpe Park. When i built this i didn't have enough track to finish the ride, or the 90 degree chain lift.

Enjoy! =D 
Im sure you can make this alot better be getting help from ssc:<a href="http://www.sscoasters.net/index.php">http://www.sscoasters.net/index.php</a>
Yes I could, and I will! Thanks! I was trying to re-create this coaster's supports, angles and scale, so the finished thing is quite big and needs a booster to complete the first big inversion
Will make a vid when i build it again, I've now got enough track to continue building it! I will try to keep you posted! =D
no prob =D

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