If you want to know how to 4-in-1 speedweave there are instructable's already on here..
Paul the Mole - European 4-in-1 maille (chainmail) speedweaving
As this is my first Instructable it may be rubbish but hey, we all start somewhere.

To provide (hopefully) clarification on how you add rows.
To share a method I've come up with to make adding rows a little easier.

You have read Paul the Mole's guide and are familiar with creating single or multiple rows of 4-in-1 maille.

Two or more tie wraps/similar.
Cutting implement (you can do without)
Pliers two sets ideally (for bending rings)
Chainmail rings.

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1 - The Rig.

The rig is very simple, consisting of a tie wrap for each row which keeps the links aligned for your new row.
I cut small tie wrap stoppers for the ends because the links kept sliding off.

<p>I love Metallurgy, keep up the good work! </p>
Thanks, I just got back into maille, and finished a dice bag the other week, forgot to photograph it so I'll be doing another in a few weeks to post up here.
<p>I will stay on the lookout for it, thanks.</p>

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