Step 6: Make something

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Once you can don this, you can make a lot of things. The only thing you will also need are contractions and exansions. But thats for an other time...

Or try making some really rocking Byzantine chain!

Here's a picture of the finnished coif and me... It took nearly 50 hours te make this one (making the rings and going to the hardware store to buy wire included)
gallowraven6 months ago

I find the coils can be made more quickly and easily with the use of a drill. I cut my mandrels to about 18 inches or so, and lock them into the chuck of the drill. I recommend wearing a leather work glove to protect the hand guiding the wire, as this method creates a lot of friction. I would say it is useful if you dont want to have to stop and make rings frequently after you begin weaving. I still cut them by hand though. I included a close up of my set up.

InspectorD8 years ago
Man, You have too much time on your hands. It seems that it would take weeks to make anything of any size that would be useful.
try months. and where do you think (aside from shark attacks) that chain mail would be useful? it's just cool

In Renn Faire reenactments, they often use live steel. In such case, real armor is very useful.

Doesn't matter how careful you are, when someone's swinging a real sword, it's a good idea to have a bit of protection in the way.

Actually, maille is much better suited to fending off bladed sweeping attacks (although a form of it is used for crazy people wishing to dive with sharks).
1010tbone5 years ago
Do people not get that "DIY" means just that?  Of course you can buy this stuff, but what happens when you can't?  Learning crafts such as these insures the survival of the knowlege.  I read a comment/question about butter and why would you spend so much time making it instead of buying it.  Well again "DIY" means just that and by learning how you become more independent. Give a man a fish...he eats for a day..but teach a man to fish and he eats for life....THAT IS WHY WE LEARN DIY!
icy45 1010tbone5 years ago
I always heard, give a man fire and he will be warm for a day, lite a man on fire and he will be warm the rest of his life.  Anyway great instructable but, how do you do curves easily?
kleinz icy455 years ago
 i think u mean, give a man fire and hell be warm for a day, but show him how to light a fire an he will be warm for the rest of his life. 
Works both ways, but in one the life is a lot shorter!
Good Gravy!! If it took you 50 HOURS to do that coif then my plan for full body coverage of mail will NEVER happen, that's out the window...
There's great pleasure to be taken from the satisfaction that you invested the time it takes to finish a long project. One can take a bag of rings along for all those wasted time of our lives like waiting or riding public transit where some might bring a book or knitting. Just make strips to assemble later as opposed to the whole project.
50 hours of speedweaving sounds funny xD
I'mma give it a shot and include some of my friends in making it. It's very cheap for what you get out of it :)
Foey8 years ago
That is amazing although I never heard the spelling "maille".
Flash19950 Foey7 years ago
i havent heard of it either...
how are you people hearing letters?
lol i get it cause you can't heat letters... ok lol. nah just kidding of course i get it...
Of course you can heat letters. You just print them out and light them on fire :)
magic obv.
knoxarama Foey6 years ago
you heard text? odd.
is this a hobby are is it fun? yes im serios
if you like chainmail then yes ,i can be fun. any hobby is as fun as you let it be
Caleb934 years ago
Thanks man. Made my life so much easier than one ring at time. Great instructable even though you thought it was not that great.
1010tbone5 years ago
I have made a nice rectangular piece but how do I bring it in to make it fit like a hood?
shmyt5 years ago
Any ideas as to how long a mail shirt would take to make? Rhyme not imtentional... Both me and my bro can work on it but I don't know how long it'll take (need time estimates for scheduling)
1010tbone5 years ago
These comments get funnier and funnier! LOL
petrino6 years ago
i found a way to hang the whole thing up...made it easy to keep track...
50 hours is reasonable. i once went to a medieval fair aand the guy there said that his coif took the same amount of time.
Professur6 years ago
The real grief is when you've gotten past the 4x4 inch squares and wind up with 8lbs of steel hanging off the end of your pliers while you're trying to join one more link. I started a mine as a time killer while working graveyard shift at a hotel front desk. After the third pair of mini-cutters, I started cutting the links with a cut off wheel on a Dremel. Much nicer butt ends.
jorn6 years ago
I made some chainmail myself from steel nails by taking of the head and the end
jorn jorn6 years ago
here's a picture
Afbeelding 002.jpg
thalass6 years ago
Great instructable. I did a bit of 4-in-1 a few years ago, but I only got as far as a patch about 5cm by 5cm. Enough to wrap around one of my fingers. I used 32 thou lockwire I nicked from work *cough*. 40 thou was too chunky for my tools to cut. Do you have a problem with the rings slipping out. I used sidecutters to cut the rings, and ended up having rings sometimes line up so the pinched cuts lined up and one fell out of the other. I was thinking of soldering the joins but that would have been insanely difficult with small rings like I had. heh. I should get back into it, it was pretty nifty.
cyc40156 years ago
obviously, making Maille is knitting for the hardcore.
thalass cyc40156 years ago
Its MANLY kniting! hahaha
skimmo6 years ago
50 hours man! your hard core! =D
awesome man! :D i'll deffinately have to try this now that i know how it's done right!
St.Eligius6 years ago
I Have two questions, have you had a chance to test it against a real sword? If so, how did it hold up?
knoxarama6 years ago
imade chainmaille using low guage galvanized wire. My mandrel was a wooden pole so its a bit big and so i had to soiter the rings close.
hey man this is a gnarly instructable i'm usin the same ring size as you and I am gonna make a full hauberk (knee length with sleeves) so yeah thanks for the instructable.
knoxarama6 years ago
i'm making steel chainmaille with strength to hold up to 6000 pounds. It was made from chain you pull a boat with, so it is very strong, but very expensive at about 80 cents a foot, which is more expensive then it sounds.
Redih6 years ago
I'm currently making a gauntlet but i cant quite get the fingers right do u have any tips or can u make an indestructable on it?
Couso7 years ago
Great instructable, Fav'd. Oh and therion effin rocks
yokozuna7 years ago
It is SOOOO much faster to make chains and connect them than it is to connect each row one by one. You can let the chain dangle and just keep adding rings without ever letting go of the chain with your pliers. I made a "vest" in probably about 9-10 hours on a Saturday once. I just never took the time to go back and add the sleeves on.
so yeah i've gone insane with chainmail, i make armor out of rings that i wrap aroung bamboo skewers, and i made a foot x foot piece of 10 in 1 chainmail (sooooo hard and really heavy) so yeah, if you've got any other crrazy projects try and top that!
I do that @ school, i have a bunch o' rings in my backpack and work on it when im doin nothing or when i just have nothing to do during lunch. so yeah anyways, thanks for the idea, i needed to find a faster way of making chainmail.
Automobilie8 years ago
Woot. this is awesome. I'm getting some good wire. I was trying to use some solder to figure it out. It's awesome. Hah, not more being shanked for me.
drake8 years ago
i started and i love it thanks