Hey guys,

So I really wanted to make this awesome robotic-animalish arm thingy. So I did. If you want me to make an instructable on how I made it, leave it in the comments or email me (wildabeast90@gmail.com)

I really do need some suggestions, I don't know what you guys want. So now I'm issuing a challenge. Please read this


If you are my fifteenth, twentieth, or twenty-fifth follower, I will make an instructable of your choice and I'll acknowledge you on that instructable as well as this one. (Btw if your not the fifteenth twentieth or twenty fifth, be a good sport and subscribe anyway)

15: sinkai


<p>It is nice can i have the blueprints for it</p>
<p>PLEASE make the instructable for that! If you were to paint that to where it looks very real, that would be so awesome!</p>
<p>I challenge you to make this Instructable.</p>
I am also looking forward to see the progress
I am very sorry for the delay, I am currently working on this instructable, and due to a shortage of EVA foam, it may take a while
Ee! Show how you did it! It looks wicked.

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