Eve: 3d Model in Zbrush




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Introduction: Eve: 3d Model in Zbrush

Hello my name is Alejandro Morales this sculpture was Inspired by the biblical story of Adam and eve along with the poem  from Tupac “The rose that grew from concrete” This sculpture pictures a woman emerging from a tree stump. The stump represent earth, and the concrete  on the stump represent the modern material world we live in now.  The purpose of this  is to symbolize the literal disconnect from nature we have in today's society. Similar to the story of eve and the serpent my version of eve is also reaching for the apple. As shes doing so  The snake is emerging from the concrete  and snapping at eve . My version of the biblical story is a bit different as The snake represents evil  and is guarding the apple. For it knows that once she takes a bite from the apple. She will know the true purpose of being. That she is a caregiver, a creator, a catalyst of life. A God. thank your for your time please check out my images and videos



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    will you include some more info about how you made the model?