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If I can go back to the certain moment, I definitely would like to return to just before my grandmother had conscious when she was alive. Whenever I remind the regretful moment, I conjure up the novel ‘The last leaf’.

Referring to this story, I made a tree with a leaf, and attached flower origamis as a metaphor for a hope. Even if the leaf falls, there are still flowers which never fall even with bright lights on. To show the respect to my grandma and my sincere pray for her, I displayed the lights fade in and out smoothly.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Supplies:)

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Wood (in order to make a tree)

Copper tapes

8 LEDs

paper( to make flower origami: thiner one is better to fold)

Conductive threads



1. Made a frame of the tree by woodcraft
2. Cut the middle of the top of the branch to divide into two in order to construct a part of a ‘switch’

3. Put a copper tape on the each inside of the separated parts.

4. Made another part of a switch which link the two divided circuits (On/Off): I put copper tape on the leaf.

5. Folded flower origami

6. Installed the LEDs (Parallel circuit) linked with conductive threads, some resistors.

Step 2:


tomatoskins (author)2016-10-21

Cool project! I love the design of trees!

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