Picture of Evenly backlit IKEA frame with LEDs
Lighting a picture from behind can be a pain when it comes to getting the light nice and even. Often you get hotspots where the light is more intense than the rest. There are solutions to that that involve spacing the lights farther back or using reflectors or diffusion filters, but I wanted something simple, cheap, and quick. So I stuffed an LED string in the back to light it up and it worked out great.

So with just a little bit of work with a basic tool (drill! woo-hoo!) you can do this, too. Then you can also be lighting up pictures of dogs that you found on the Internet*. Here's how.

*I found the picture on the Internet, not the dog. I have cats. I don't see them often. We have an arrangement. Which includes no dogs.

Step 1: Materials/Supplies

Picture of Materials/Supplies
Here's what you need:
  1. 9"x9" Ribba frame from IKEA for $9.99
  2. LED string from IKEA for $12 (not online)
  3. Drill w/ 5/32 bit
  4. masking tape
  5. template
originalbrew11 months ago

Is it possible to hang it on the wall then?