Ever Wonder What's Under the Hood of an Average SD Card?




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Introduction: Ever Wonder What's Under the Hood of an Average SD Card?

I had an SD card a while back that just stopped working, nothing i did to revive it worked. So, like any curious fellow would, I dissected it. The images I present to you are my own.



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    I want to take my sd card and feed the data to a USB3. I need large storage and USB3 seems to be getting cheaper by the day. Sandisk SD xtreem pro cards are very expensive.

    Can anyone help me with this?


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    I tried and i snapped one in half, whoops

    Hah, I don't think you could get one of those things open without some high precision tools.

    Razor blades aren't "precision" by definition, but they are pretty precise. I'd go with one of those. on this one that little 'lock' slider was missing and made it so much easier to pop open, I don't know if the mini-SDs have those, but its worth a try.

    Well you could slice it in half and get an electronic microscope and take pictures

    Well, shoot me a PM when you get that done... I'm not wasting one of my microSDs. :D

    good luck with that one XD

    Just a little suggestion for taking photos without that annoying black semicircle, or at least to lessen it. If you put a mirror, or white sheet of paper right above the frame of your photo, it will reflect light back into that area. The alternative is to actually bring a desk lamp closer to the subject, which will give your photo more depth anyways. Very cool look inside the SD card.

    I had one that I took apart, and the circuitboard was alot thinner than yours appears to be, difference between a sandisk, and a cheapo I guess!