Everest - the Worlds Tallest Freestanding Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: Everest - the Worlds Tallest Freestanding Knex Ball Machine

About: You can find me over on Knexflux! https://knexflux.net
Yes, it is true, I made the worlds tallest freestanding knex ball machine!
It is standing 5.51 meters tall and is totally freestanding!
Gallery: http://www.sorunome.de/knex/ballmachines/everest

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    Really cool! is Icarus taller or does this still hold the record?

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    Icarus is taller, but it isn't freestanding, though ;)

    Nice! late comment lol :)
    Maybe I will try to build a higher ball machine, when it's summer (It can start snowing every moment now where I live xp)
    I just bought 40 kilo knex so I think I have enough pieces to make a higher one :D

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    40 KG!!! how much do you have now

    no idea, like 40 thousand pieces. No idea how much it weighs, though, but my guess is A LOT :P

    damn... i have around 9.000 pieces now, i sold all my metalic knex

    i'm trying to get ahold of more grey 5-way connectors :P

    more? why would you need more you can literally build anything now haha

    because i sold all my metallic knex i am limited to only something around 350 purple 3d connectors, i used to have ALLOT more but most of my purple 3d connectors were those ugly grey ones

    I only have like 500 of those and in my current project my approximation is that i'll need 2k of those <_<

    are you ever going to make a ball machine with instructions?

    i already knew about those, i meant another one with like more elements,bigger base, more pieces

    nah, takes waaaay too much time and anyone with like 10k+ pieces would rather build their own machine ;)

    ah whatever, all my ball machines will have instructions

    just wait till you'll make a 20k+ pieces ball machine :P

    don't have 20k pieces... yet,

    knexpert#3.14159265358979323 has some ball machines with around 7k and 9k pieces, all having instructions


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