Picture of Eternal Rose
This is an instructable on how to make am eternal rose.
Note: the picture quality is not that great because my camera had a hard time focusing.
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Step 1: Individual parts

Picture of Individual parts

These four shapes are most of what is necessary to make this rose. Just have them cut or cut them yourself, but make sure you have a hole through the middle of them ( except for the leaf-pic 1) that will fit a screw or bolt. The holes MUST be the same size. You can finish them however you want. You can grind them, polish them, paint them, etc.

Step 2: The leaf

Picture of The leaf

For this step, you'll need to make your own tool. All you need to do is make the items shown in picture 1. The spokes must fit inside each other.

Once you have built these tools, centre the leaf on the base and rest the handled part above it with the spokes between the ones on the base. Next, hit the handle part with a hammer until satisfied with the ridges on the leaf. (See pic 2)

Next, you will need a main stem for your flower. Make sure that there is a place at the top for your screw.

After this, you will need to weld the leaf to a thin piece of metal, and then weld the whole thing onto the main stem of the flower.