Everyday Makeup for Hooded Eyes




Introduction: Everyday Makeup for Hooded Eyes

1. first you are going to want to do is prime your lid. I just applied concealer to this.

2. Foe eye shadow I used the taupe out of the lorac pro palette. create your own crease by keeping your eyes open and applying this above your natural crease.

3. I then used espresso within the last colour to help give it some depth. Just keep doing this till you get the look you want.

4. I then apply a white to the lid of my eye to help make them appear bigger. I do this with my finger as feel its easier to do.

5. I then use the colour sable and apply this to the corner of my eye. I then apply the darker brown to my lower lash.

6. I then use a white eyeliner and apply this to my waterline.

7. To finish this of I curl and apply my mascara to my lashes.



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