Everyday Makeup Tutorial





Introduction: Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is a simple everyday makeup look that is great for work, school or even those mummy's

1. First i like to prime my skin using the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

2. I then grab my Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation and blend this into my face making sure there is no harsh lines.

3. Next onto my brows i use my collection eye brow kit to fill them in.

4. I then conceal and highlight my face using my Maybelline fit me concealer. I add this to under my eyes, nose, chin and forehead. I then set this using my laura mercier

5. Next i contour my face using the LL'Oreal glam bronze

6. Now for eyes you can grab any white shimmery colour you have and add this to your lids and lightly under your brows.

7.I then add mascara to my lasses and white eye liner in my water line.

8. I finish this off with my favorite lipstick.



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