Picture of Everyone CAN Quilt by Hand
You don't have to be ninety and live in a church basement to be a hand quilter.

You don't have to take three years to finish hand quilting a large quilt.

You don't have to have perfect stitches to hand quilt.

You don't need a large or an expensive frame to hand quilt.

It is all true.  The quilt you see in the picture was pieced, basted, HAND quilted and bound in three days.  Essentially from Wednesday evening through Saturday just after midnight with long breaks for real life interactions and chores.

The tutorial will give you some of the basics.

If you want more information about this quilt or to see more pictures you can check out my blog

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1.  Pieced and basted quilt.

2. Big Eye Tapestry Chenille* Needles

*The ladies in the quilt shop assure me that I am using a chenille needle because you have to have a point to get through the quilt.  I actually think I've been using a tapestry needle that is dull on the end.  I'm not stitching through any seams so it could be.  The real trick is to find a needle that suits you and is able to be threaded with the thick thread and strong enough to push through the quilt.

3.  #5 Pearl or Perle cotton in colors you like

4.  Scissors

That is all. 

You might also want to have:

5.  Thimble  if that is something you are comfortable with.

6.  Thread puller/Needle gripper

7.  Water soluble or other washable temporary fabric marking pen or pencil

mountainmasha6 months ago

I've only ever hand quilted (I blame my mother, who is the same way), so I'm all on board with this. Thanks!

MicioGatta11 months ago

Wonderful.... I love the star pattern of fabric and quilt, but I think it's too difficult for me. Congratulations!

waggonswest (author)  MicioGatta11 months ago

This is simply made of half square triangles. It is relatively easy and this version doesn't require y seams. Go for!

saosport1 year ago

great instructions. Thank you