Everything You Need to Survive in the Woods





Introduction: Everything You Need to Survive in the Woods

Hi everyone! I love being in the woods, but can never figure out what to take on a long trip. These are Some things that i like to have. If you have any questions, please ask! Also feel free to give any tips or ideas

Step 1: Knife

First, you'll need a knife. Knives can be used for a number of things, and are good to have on hand.

Step 2: Rope and Wire

Next, you'll need rope and a coil of wire. The rope can be used for tying things up, and the coil of wire can be used to make snares

Step 3: Food

Now, you will want to pack some preservable food. Nutritional bars, crackers, and dried beef are good choices.

Step 4: Gun or Bow and Arrows

You will most likely need something other than crackers for a sustainable diet. A weapon can be used to hunt for food, and protection

Step 5: Water

This is probably the most vital thing to have. You will need to bring a water bottle AND purification tablets.

Step 6: Sleeping Bag

If you plan on spending the night, it's best to bring a sleeping bag. I prefer a thicker one with extra insulation

Step 7: First Aid

Next, you will need a first aid kit. These are very important, and should always be carried with you when in the woods.

Step 8: Heat

Lastly, One important thing you will need is a lighter, or waterproof matches. These will be needed to start a fire for cooking, light, and warmth.



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    thxs i need to know this cuz i rlly want to run away but im scared to my fam is fricking crazy i just cant take it so i will find a new fam or run away

    I'm going to the woods today

    I'm going to the woods today

    I love this instructable thank you so much

    Hola, tu tiene 5000+ views

    Thanks again!! ;)

    Heeyyyyyy. Make sure you guys view everything ihop817 created plzz :)

    This is maaaa cousin. She is famous. 3000+ views. Can I be famous too?

    Definitely!! Those things are really important to have along also

    Forget the water comment. For some reason I skipped it in my scrolling