Picture of Everything You Need To Survive In The Woods
Hi everyone! I love being in the woods, but can never figure out what to take on a long trip. These are Some things that i like to have. If you have any questions, please ask! Also feel free to give any tips or ideas
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Step 1: Knife

Picture of Knife
First, you'll need a knife. Knives can be used for a number of things, and are good to have on hand.

Step 2: Rope And Wire

Picture of Rope And Wire
13 2:28 PM.jpg
Next, you'll need rope and a coil of wire. The rope can be used for tying things up, and the coil of wire can be used to make snares

Step 3: Food

Picture of Food
Now, you will want to pack some preservable food. Nutritional bars, crackers, and dried beef are good choices.

Step 4: Gun Or Bow And Arrows

Picture of Gun Or Bow And Arrows
You will most likely need something other than crackers for a sustainable diet. A weapon can be used to hunt for food, and protection

Step 5: Water

Picture of Water
13 2:28 PM.jpg
This is probably the most vital thing to have. You will need to bring a water bottle AND purification tablets.

Step 6: Sleeping Bag

Picture of Sleeping Bag
If you plan on spending the night, it's best to bring a sleeping bag. I prefer a thicker one with extra insulation

Step 7: First Aid

Picture of First Aid
Next, you will need a first aid kit. These are very important, and should always be carried with you when in the woods.

Step 8: Heat

Picture of Heat
Lastly, One important thing you will need is a lighter, or waterproof matches. These will be needed to start a fire for cooking, light, and warmth.
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I love this instructable thank you so much

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luvtocreate13 (author) 1 year ago
Definitely!! Those things are really important to have along also
Forget the water comment. For some reason I skipped it in my scrolling
Thing I'd add:
1) change of socks an underwear.
Reason: your feet need to be kept in the best condition possible since they are more than likely your only mode of transportation in a survival situation. And the underwear because chafing makes walking horrible and sweat running over your back door can create a nasty environment.
2) magnesium block with flint and steel is more reliable than a lighter or matches especially in an environment where your wood may be wet (magnesium burns hot enough to light moist wood)
3) any clothing brought should be rolled and then put in a vacuum bag or a ziplock with the air squished out to conserve space.
4) Water! More so than food. While you do have water purification tablets you'll need water to purify first as well as containers to collect and purify the water in. Don't overload yourself weight wise but do bring 1.5x as much as you should need.
luvtocreate13 (author) 1 year ago
Hi kiteman to be honest, many times I am not in a situation where I have everything I need to make the instructable, so occasionally I will pull pics off of google.
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Wow, I just made an Instructable similar to this about an hour ago. It still hasn't reached the recent list though... still waiting.
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