OK so I don't have a camera so i used pictures from online.I'll take you step by step on how to make an easy Evil Dead Ash Williams costume.

Step 1: Materials

Before I tell you the materials go to my profile and make the"BoomStick"and the chainsaw hand(or arm).
After doing this here's what you need:
-long sleeve blue button up shirt
-brown cargo or normal brown pants
-big birthday present bag
-three belts
-scicors(i know it's spelled wrong)
-silver duct tape(if you want the stump effect)
-white wash cloth(once again for the stub)
-fat red maker(for scars)
-very strong duct tape
Thank you much for the help in making these props for our high school production of Evil Dead the Musical - G Rated version - Joeviking14 - Pacifica Perf. Arts Center Oxnard CA.
It's a good idea, but without the photographs it doesn't amount to much. Can you get the <em>use</em> of a camera so you can show the thing?<br/><br/>L<br/>

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