Picture of Evil Dead Ash Williams costume
OK so I don't have a camera so i used pictures from online.I'll take you step by step on how to make an easy Evil Dead Ash Williams costume.
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Step 1: Materials

Before I tell you the materials go to my profile and make the"BoomStick"and the chainsaw hand(or arm).
After doing this here's what you need:
-long sleeve blue button up shirt
-brown cargo or normal brown pants
-big birthday present bag
-three belts
-scicors(i know it's spelled wrong)
-silver duct tape(if you want the stump effect)
-white wash cloth(once again for the stub)
-fat red maker(for scars)
-very strong duct tape

Step 2: Outfit

Picture of Outfit
finished product.bmp
gut scars.bmp
First lets go basic.Take the blue shirt and cut the left arm off.Make a hole on the left gut and leave some stuff to hang for when you tuck it in.Take the right side of the collar and cut it until you hit the back where the tag is.It should hang off and touch you back.For more detail cuts find a picture of Ash or Watch Evil Dead II.

Step 3: The back holster

Picture of The back holster
cutting pattern.bmp
Take the present bag and cut out the exact shape and size you want your holster to be.Cut out 2 of these.Take them both and layer them in the strong tape individualy.Then tap them together so you "BoomStick"can fit in it.Now tape the beltswith two of then criss-crossing and one belt that goes around your right shoulder.

Step 4: Final touches

Picture of Final touches
Now use that red maker to make Ash's facial scars and the scatches on his stomach where the hole is.Now take your right sleeve pull it up closer to your hand so that you can take the wash cloth and tape it over your hand using silver duct tape.

Step 5: Readying up

Picture of Readying up
Finally you can holster you "BoomStick",put you chainsaw on and go get some CANDY!!!
JOEVIKING142 years ago
Thank you much for the help in making these props for our high school production of Evil Dead the Musical - G Rated version - Joeviking14 - Pacifica Perf. Arts Center Oxnard CA.
lemonie5 years ago
It's a good idea, but without the photographs it doesn't amount to much. Can you get the use of a camera so you can show the thing?