Picture of Evil Dead Chainsaw
This is the chainsaw arm that I made for my Ash Williams costume this Halloween.  This is my first Instructable, so this may not be smooth flowing or the best pictures. 

What you will need:

Sheet metal
Alumminum bar
Plumbing Clamp?
5/16 Nuts and Bolts

Metal cutters
Raw Strength

I would like to give credit to Nick Valenza, for the basis of my design.
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Step 1: Get yourself a chainsaw

Picture of Get yourself a chainsaw

First thing is to get yourself a chainsaw.  I went a little more authentic to the movie and got a Homelite XL off of Ebay.  Before you ask, I didn't ruin a working chainsaw, it was being sold for parts. Perfect.

Step 2: Ex-motor

Picture of Ex-motor
The second step is to completely remove the insides. 

Remove the case screws and set aside, you will need these later.

Several of the parts, including the motor, are attached with screws.  Find these and the motor will pop right out.

Step 3: Re-handling

Picture of Re-handling
Now you will need to remove the original handle to make room for the new one we will be making.  I also switched the side handle upside down, which was easier and a time saving step.

While cutting pieces out, cut the oil and gas tanks down to just enough to still be held in place.  The more room for your hand now the better.

Step 4: Re-Handling part 2

Picture of Re-Handling part 2
Take your sheet metal and cut and bend to the shape you need, be sure to leave extra, you will need to secure it.  I used one bolt on the front as the main securer, the other spot is with one of the case screws.

Step 5: Handle Finishing

Picture of Handle Finishing
At this point, it is time to build the actual handle.  Take the alumminum bar and bend it into shape.  I would imagine a vise would be great for this, but I do not have one, so I bent it by hand.  Once in the right shape, drill 3 holes to fasten it to the sheet metal with 2 bolts.  The third hole comes into play in a later step.
depotdevoid3 years ago
Okay, thanks again for the inspiration, here are some photos I took of mine--not built from an actual homelite xl, but obviously inspired by it!
Whoops, here are the pictures.
depotdevoid3 years ago
Very nice! I've been asked by a small theater to produce a chainsaw prop for their production of Evil Dead: The Musical, and I'll definitely be taking some inspiration from this!
Servelan3 years ago
We just finished watching our fave S-Mart staffer do his thing tonight...cool!
Rowenshore (author) 5 years ago
Thank you.
DangerArt5 years ago
That's pretty awsome.