Picture of Evil Dead Chainsaw
This is the chainsaw arm that I made for my Ash Williams costume this Halloween.  This is my first Instructable, so this may not be smooth flowing or the best pictures. 

What you will need:

Sheet metal
Alumminum bar
Plumbing Clamp?
5/16 Nuts and Bolts

Metal cutters
Raw Strength

I would like to give credit to Nick Valenza, for the basis of my design.

Step 1: Get yourself a chainsaw

Picture of Get yourself a chainsaw

First thing is to get yourself a chainsaw.  I went a little more authentic to the movie and got a Homelite XL off of Ebay.  Before you ask, I didn't ruin a working chainsaw, it was being sold for parts. Perfect.

depotdevoid3 years ago
Okay, thanks again for the inspiration, here are some photos I took of mine--not built from an actual homelite xl, but obviously inspired by it!
Whoops, here are the pictures.
depotdevoid3 years ago
Very nice! I've been asked by a small theater to produce a chainsaw prop for their production of Evil Dead: The Musical, and I'll definitely be taking some inspiration from this!
Servelan3 years ago
We just finished watching our fave S-Mart staffer do his thing tonight...cool!
Rowenshore (author) 5 years ago
Thank you.
DangerArt5 years ago
That's pretty awsome.