Evil Jack





Introduction: Evil Jack

This egg was inspired by my son, his friend (a girl) is frighted by clowns.   So.....the creative side started.   This egg is very hard to make, so if  you do not have patience, time, and wiring skills, I wouldn't start this project.  I used a snow-globe for the stand, one that has a battery pack already installed.  Though my Jack n the box had a tube it was much to big to fit in an ostrich egg.   After several tries I found that the Tony Chachere's creole seasoning can (17 oz)  worked real nice.   You will need to cut it down, to fit your egg size.  You can bead, paint, decoupage or whatever you like to decorate the outside of the egg.   You will need to reinforce your egg hinge, I used small nails and glued a ribbon on the inside.  I hope this egg will put a smile on your face.



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Questions & Answers


Ehehehehe! I think this is really funny!! Great job!

Thank you, this was a fun egg to create.

wow once again i am impressed with the mechanics of this- it blows my mind... i really enjoy looking at your work

Truly AMAZING! Great detail! I don't think I could have handled seeing it in person though! Thank goodness I didn't plan on getting any sleep tonight anyways!

Thank you, I love creating something out of the box....lol. It was fun!