It was the school Monster Ball.

I was going to go out of costume, but then I suddenly realised that I had accumulated one over the previous weeks.

Let me introduce the Evil Mad Scientist.

(Yes, I know there's another EMS, but they aren't half as scary as I am.)

Talk about "be prepared" - always keep some sort of photographic device about your person, you never know when you'll need to document an Instructable!

Step 1: The Makings.

This costume has several distinct components:

The goggles, the eyeball badge (both of which I made recently), a lab coat (mine - I'm a science teacher), a rotting corpse hand (borrowed from a colleague), and facepaints.

<p>As much as this is nice I'd find it easier to just walk up to someone in the middle of the night and tell them how I got these scars. What scars you ask? You wanna know how I got these scars?</p>
<p>he a teacher a cliff park </p>
<p>No need to shout about it, Harry, they'll be jealous!</p><p>(Also, what about your capital letters?)</p>
<p>he a teacher a cliff park </p>
Ii too am being a mad scientist with a authentic lab coat!
lol...this is the coolest!
Nice yet it's funny that all you need is a bit of make up and a hand or 2 and u become a scientist (your already mad soo..i didn't really need to say anything about that lol)
HA! I love the hand in the pocket, every time I saw it I smiled. Nice work!
Thank you!
Great work, there is somthing about it that remind me of back to the future. <br> <br>If you tweek the makeup very slightly and get some white fluffy hair you could pull off a n awesome Docter Emmett Brown Costume. Call me a massive fan if you will.
+1!.. <br>I was totally reminded of Docter Emmett Brown of Back to the Future seeing the very first pic!!!...
Love it ... though yeah, did the kids r.e.a.l.l.y notice any difference ;o) <br> <br>Bet you're glad you didn't get stopped on the way home!!
I don't get it, what did you change?
Er... not a lot, actually. <br> <br><sub>(I do wear two of the five parts on a regular, sometimes daily, basis...)</sub>
Looking good! If you had a fluffy gray wig you could help McFly get back in the Delorian.
Exactly what I thought! haha
That's a good idea for next year!
This is great!
Thank you!
Very scary at step 4..
Er, thank you?
Your make-up is truly a scream scary.<br> <br> Meeting your costumed form on a dark lane would surely<br> make one turn and walk the other way ;-)
You kind of have the Uncle Fester look going! Very cool costume and make up :)
Give it a couple of years and a thick coat...
You look evil... The gogles look cool. Did you make them?
Yes - there's a link in step one.
wooooow, just like in movies, <br>when i showed this to my friends <br>they said in my case i don't even need the costume <br>LOL
This turned out great. Did you get to ware it in S.F?
No, I only made the parts recently.
This turned out great. Did you get to ware it in S.F?
You look awesome - love the goggles!
Thank you!

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