I made this thing today using parts from 2 hard drives, a old Sony CD player, an RC car, sim cards, a lighter and a pinewood derby car. It is equipped with motors to make it move, a flamethrower and a light-up face with LED. I can get the flame from the flamethrower much bigger but my lighter was running low.
looks like Wall e and ROB the robot combined!
My lasana iches
 wal E
wow that looks funny LOL
If you ever end up modding, here's a suggestion: Try replacing the flamethrower with two upside-down cans of air. You now have a cryo-thrower! (it will actually create frost on a sprayed object.)
Ok you got a flame thrower, now lets see rocket launcher! It's pretty cool btw, nice work.
I know I'm a little over a year late, but use the flame thrower to light off a bunch of bottle rockets.
that looks evilishly doomish and could be a leader of robot anarchy. keep it in a cage.
Fireproof cage
I keep it on a high shlef so if it tries to do anything overly doomish it falls off. : )
that works too.
looks great im definetly going to make one. is the flame thrower turn on maunally or by the push of a button
Unfortunately it's manual, but if I really wanted to I could make it button operated.
Extremely cool and very inventive
how did u get the flamethrower to work becaue i am kinda new to robots and i want to put a flamethrower on top of an RC hummer
Just take apart a cheap stick lighter and find the little hose in it. Then hook that hose up to a can of bullet Axe.
would it work with a can of lynx and a hose
It will work as long as the hose is airtight and lynx is flammable. But it might be kinda big.
Really cool,now can we have an instructable to build it?
That's neat, that's really interesting that you built that all from a couple hard drives ans some other parts.
Lol, this inspired me to start doing my own robot of doom (muehehe!)
that is freakin sweet..... if only it was a robot of doom :)
Like <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/iRobot-Create-Death-Machine/?ALLSTEPS">mine</a>?<br/>
lol :) thats awesome but it needs a weapon of mass destruction like this.... <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bleacheatingfreaks.com/science/OB/micromine/">http://www.bleacheatingfreaks.com/science/OB/micromine/</a> <br/>
Now just make fifty of them and take over a shopping mall or two...
Is the left arm the flamethrower? This little guy's awesome...You need to put a little voice recorder on so it can jabber incomprehensible muttering as it bites off your ankles.
Yes, the left arm is the flamethrower.
Very cute! Creative use of materials. I get the impression the flamethrower isn't hooked up yet - in the 4th and 6th pictures, you can spot the tiny fuel hose snaking down from the upraised arm, but it's not connected to a fuel tank yet. I'm looking forward to the finished version!
That looks awesome! I want to see the flamethrower as well! :-)
I'd like to see the flame thrower...

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