Evil Robot of Doom!





Introduction: Evil Robot of Doom!

I made this thing today using parts from 2 hard drives, a old Sony CD player, an RC car, sim cards, a lighter and a pinewood derby car. It is equipped with motors to make it move, a flamethrower and a light-up face with LED. I can get the flame from the flamethrower much bigger but my lighter was running low.



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    looks like Wall e and ROB the robot combined!

    My lasana iches

    wow that looks funny LOL

    If you ever end up modding, here's a suggestion: Try replacing the flamethrower with two upside-down cans of air. You now have a cryo-thrower! (it will actually create frost on a sprayed object.)


    Ok you got a flame thrower, now lets see rocket launcher! It's pretty cool btw, nice work.

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    I know I'm a little over a year late, but use the flame thrower to light off a bunch of bottle rockets.

    that looks evilishly doomish and could be a leader of robot anarchy. keep it in a cage.

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    I keep it on a high shlef so if it tries to do anything overly doomish it falls off. : )

    No, there is no programming because I just wanted it to be simple, it just drives around and usually gets stuck on things. :P

    looks great im definetly going to make one. is the flame thrower turn on maunally or by the push of a button

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    Unfortunately it's manual, but if I really wanted to I could make it button operated.

    how did u get the flamethrower to work becaue i am kinda new to robots and i want to put a flamethrower on top of an RC hummer

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    Just take apart a cheap stick lighter and find the little hose in it. Then hook that hose up to a can of bullet Axe.

    would it work with a can of lynx and a hose