Step 4: Body Shape

Canvas Body with legs and arms.

Between the layers add plush toy stuffing in the arm and legs. To bulk them up and add ridged form.
Thick thread to add structure to the body by 'pinching' it together.

In these images you can see the hind paws and fore paws added and covered with strips and pieces of canvas.
Attached to the body with the hot glue gun and strips for flexibility.

Goat fur added between some toes & spats covered and glued into place.
Fur is cut and added in to shape

Paint and colour air dough on the paws, nose, gums, skull rings.
When dry, coat with acrylic gloss
<p>This is amazing. I am doing a year long studie of puppets, and I will be using this as a resource, thank you for sharing!</p>
awesome. just plain awesome.
<p>This instructable greatly reminds me of a movie simply named Alice.<br /> It's a stop motion animation, I believe by a Belgian director and team. Most of the animals and characters are made of mismatched bones and taxidermy'd things, The white rabbit is taxidermy, and comes to life from a glass shadowbox in Alice's room before leading her down the rabbit hole. It's very creepy, the kind of thing you'd expect to see on a really bad acid trip.</p>
oh i saw the movie creppy is right
Ian M mentioned below the same thing, Alice by Jan Svankmajer. Thanks <h1 id="watch-headline-title"><span title="Alice by Jan Svankmajer"><br /> </span></h1>
wow hey could i add motors and some parts to make a evil rabit that sits on my shelf talking and telliing jokes and making fun of my guests alll night ha ha i think i know what to do
Yet another creepy rabbit.nice. What is it about rabbits that make people think scary? Remember the rabbit from Donnie Darko or the ones from watership down?
Does he move easily, I want to make one like that but a gremlin and I am not sure how i am going to do that yet. I wanted it to be like an actual puppet, stiff with a place to put my hand to move his head and arms. I am not sure if you could do that with yours. If I made the head they same way do you think it would last? Could it be moved around without...con-caving? How durable is the dough you used? I wanted to make my puppet the same way but cover the whole head in dough, have it be rough and give it texture like fur without using any. Ideas? Thank you so much, your Evil Rabbit is amazing!
The movement is Ok upper limbs are able to move the lower ones were not designed to move. The head is completely movable since it was added last with extra material for rotation and panning. The mouth is a little stiff due to the amount of material added around the jaw. The head seems to be durable with the design case i used with sturdy cardboard (not the corrigated type), and robust for basic animation. As long as it is comfortable, practice as you make it. I think, if you use a little air dough on certain areas for shape or curves and cover the head with canvas and painted, that could work but the whole head with air dough wont work so well, that why i covered the head after with fur after the air dough was was secure. The Air dough dries to a durable and hard surface but soft to touch a little like leather. Thanks for the comment, good luck with yours, i hope i was a help.
This is brilliant and very much worth 5/5! I wish he were mine to own. <br />
Amazing!&nbsp;&nbsp;Fantastic!&nbsp;&nbsp;I want one of these for my baby daughter so badly I&nbsp;can taste it!&nbsp; Any suggestions for making one that is baby-safe?<br />
Fantastic puppetry skills! I don't think I have ever seen air dough for sale anywhere--did you purchase it online?<br />
thanks, I found air dough in a craft / art store (Ireland), I believe it can be <a href="http://www.modelshop.co.uk/product/Air_Dough_200g%C2%99_CC50000" rel="nofollow">found on line</a>, it dries to a very light object. <br />
awesome awesome awesome! max rating for this lovely creature! <br />
This is fantastic!
ok not including the stuff u found how mutch did aall the suplies cost u?
Hi less than € 25 i think the most expencive stuff was the fur and fabric (but most of it was in the cut off-bin)
This beastie is absolutely HORRIFYING D: ....I want one :D
havent i seen you before?
UUuuhhhh...as in what? On here, in person, other websites...? I have a lot of places I lurk and bluesquirrel / bluesquirreldude tends to be my online handle :)
on a different instructable i forgot,i saw the picture
I haven't seen many creepier things... nice ible!
Hey you! Your drawings are well done...they show how precise you were planning this puppet and I guess it was a lot of work. Great job! I want to see more of them!
Very nice, i like the small details (eg. trinkets and teeth). Keep up the good work!
Imagine if it was remote controlled? Great for halween!!
I love bunnies, but I don't know about this one though. Very inventive I must say!
One of my roommate loves this bunny, She says its sooo cute! LOL Whoa! Not sleepin with this bunny, but I might slip it in bed with one of my roomies to scare them in the mornin! Awesome though, none the less!
I did try to scare kids that called to the house on Haloween. But i think some of them mistook him for a grumpy dog or the media has numbed their ability to get scared.
I have no talent for sewing at all really ( fixed the lining in my hat once). but this is totally inspiring. Dunno if you've heard of it. but there's a game called American McGee's Alice, and it's a twisted version of the characters as well. Maybe you can look there for some inspiration! Can't wait to see the Cheshire Cat when you've done it!!! Hope you post all of your finished pieces :)
It reminds me of the White Rabbit in <a rel="nofollow" href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=PO6Mq30fJFQ">Jan Svankmajer's Alice</a>. <br/>
I think the fabric you are thinking of is "velour", but most fabricly inclined people will know what you mean. This is beautifully creepy- why is it that creepified children's stuff (clowns, bunnies, fairgrounds and nursery rhymes and so on) is even weirder than stuff that was weird in the first place? The mother of pearl broken teeth are a great touch... I agree with JCoffey, American McGee's Alice is a fun game that covers a lot of the "evil Alice in Wonderland" genre and well worth playing.
Thanks PKM 'Velour' is the material that was escaping my spell check all the time I will edit this where it is needed. <br/><br/>The idea that we dont normally see cute things (clowns, bunnies, fairgrounds and nursery rhymes and so on) being anything other than cute but when we do see them creepy, they seem to effect us more.<br/><br/>Most really old nursery rhymes have a dark side (most of the<strong> Brothers Grimm </strong> Stories have deeper meanings, for instance <strong>Hansle and Gretel</strong> is a polite way of explaining, that childern will grow up get money and then look after their folks when they are old. That is the short version of the explanation).<br/>like for instance &quot;<strong>Jack and Jill</strong>&quot; has the meaning of losing ones virginity.<br/>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ARBajLHHCHs">The perfect example of what I mean</a><br/>
Man, I totally love this. I will so try to do this sometime. Just brilliant!
Brilliant!!!!!! Ive always Loved the Alice series, and just how dark and twisted it really is. This reminds me of American McGees "Alice" video game. I almost want that sketch of it as a tattoo. Great job!
Thank you, My little brother pointed out the American McGees 'Alice' to me half way through the construction. Never played it but checked out screen shots of the in game play.
That's amazing, and, although I know this was intentional, very creepy. I noticed the top hat didn't make it past the planning stage. Was this a style or feasibility related decision? I like the use of air dough, I would not have thought of that. Thanks!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Also, I recommend the movie &lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095715/&quot;&gt;&quot;Alice&quot;&lt;/a&gt; by Jan Svankmajer if you're looking at other (similarly darker) adaptations of Alice in Wonderland.&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
Thank you to all comments this wuld inspire me to push ahead with other craft projects like this. The Top hat was left out because I thought it wouldn't stay in place if it was on the head (or wobble too much) when one was using it. If i was to make it for this it would probably be a used as a prop. I know of a few adaptations of Alice in Wonderland hopefully i can check out "Alice" by Jan Svankmajer.
Pretty kewl. Keep it up.
I love it!!!!!!!!! I'm making a version of this right away.. thank you so much for the inspiration!
This is awesome, it's a crime it wasn't featured! 5/5 AND SUBSCRIBED!
Yay it's been featured !
Holly crap this is awesome this is rabbit clsoely resembles the one from Alice in WonderLand
In the words of Keanu, WOAH! Very nice and well documented, I'm scared and excited at the same time.

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