Picture of Evil april fools prank
If you have a grudge on someone or simply love mischief then this is the prank for you! >:D

this is for the april fools day contest so please rate!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
 so here's what your gonna need:

a ladder thats tall enough to reach above the actual door (see pic below)

plastic cups- atleast 20 depending on the ladder

water (enough to fill each cup half way) or eggs (depending on how evil you are >:D)

a door (attached to the rest of the house)


and a victim (the most key component) 

Step 2: The ladder

Picture of The ladder
 so, after you have collected your supplies ad have your victim, your gonna need to place the ladder on the little area of wall above the door (get the entire ladder as close up against the door as you can so the victim doesn't slip past the ladder)

Step 3: The cups

Picture of The cups
 now that the ladder is in place either fill up the cups half way with water, or place one egg in each cup, place the cups on the steps (all of em even the top one and a better idea would be to stack them like a pyramid, for more catastrophe, the best part! so you may need more cups) Also, an even funnier (but may break valuables) is to place the ladder against the side the swings out, so when the victim opens the door it knocks over the ladder (instead of finding the ladder blocking the doorway)

Step 4: The hardest part and the big reward/ punishment

 so, now that the trap is set you have to wait :( which is the hardest part (due to the fact that you probably did this really early in the morning or really late) but once the victim encounters the trap you finally get your big reward! seeing him/her struggle to get all the cups down with out dropping one and moving the ladder! unfortunately the victim will escape and you will be severely punished (unless you run for it)  ENJOY!!!!

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The following April Fools day, set this up so the door opens away from the ladder. Then balance the classic water bucket on top of the door.
Screamo4 years ago
I am a brainless master of evil and even i know you could just pick up the cups //.O X(♫ S⊂R∃AM◯♫ )X
Apple_4_life (author)  Screamo4 years ago
Thanks cap'n downer
Mirime5 years ago
Evil so Evil yet humorous
Apple_4_life (author)  Mirime5 years ago
Why thank you
LoneWolf5 years ago
Nice Job!!!
Apple_4_life (author)  LoneWolf5 years ago
 thanks! (wish other people would rate it so it has a better chance in the contest...) HINT HINT
LOL I did rate it, I promise!!!
Apple_4_life (author)  LoneWolf5 years ago
 tell other people to rate it! garsh! (just kidding)
Apple_4_life (author)  Apple_4_life5 years ago
 but seriously
I told you I will.
lol....I know I'll try to email some of my suscribers a link or somethin, right now I'm just busy cause' I got like 14 emails and 20 comments to reply too!!!!
Apple_4_life (author) 5 years ago
 Please if you view this, rate it and maybe even leave a comment, Thanks! :)