Excali-weenie, Slayer of Burnt Hot Dogs, Bane of All Over-Roasted Marshmallows!

Picture of Excali-weenie, Slayer of Burnt Hot Dogs, Bane of All Over-Roasted Marshmallows!
My wife, son, and I like to spend a dinner or two month during the spring time before it reaches nuclear heat levels of 90-110 deg F eating dinner outside by our fire pit area we lovingly call the "fire bowl" (Click to see a video of what the fire bowl looks like).  The rabbits, pheasants, bull snakes, stars and the occasional great horned owl are our eating companions. And hotdogs and marshmallows are often on our dinner menu.  My son is 4 years old, and I am his big kid equal.

During the last weenie/mallow roast excursion to the fire bowl, I had a small epiphany.  Our roasting sticks drove me nuts, and having access to my prototyping lab for my business (Past Primitive™) I run with my wife, and being a product designer and all, I thought... why not do something about it? Surely there was a better roaster to be made for my family.  It's not that I don't appreciate the simplicity of the traditional roasting sticks, simple, pokey, allows me to hold food over flame without burning my hand... But with all this technology that I love always and forever almost as much as I love my wife always and forever, I thought there were improvements that could be made.

And what  I really wanted/needed was a roaster to end all roasters, and thus... Excali-weenie slayer of burnt hot dogs, bane of all over-roasted marshmallows was born. Who knows out of what ethereal mist this design came to me from, perhaps from the Lady of the Lake, perhaps not, all I know is I really like it. Let us begin our journey of inception, fabrication, and assembly! And don't forget your coconut shells ( let's see who gets that reference).

Also I realize this may not be a new idea, but it's new to me.  One of my rules when I design a product is that it has to be something I am excited to use myself.  I find it keeps me happy through the entire process.  Also, I would cite the numerous other products that have found outrageous success many years after their first incarnation; however, whether this process leads us to a successful product deployment or not, it's hard to say... But I had a lot of fun creating it!

Here's a demo of what it can do.  I know it's not over a fire, but I promise it works there too, in fact even better.
I didn't mean to put 2 comments lol
nerd972 years ago
First thing to come to mind at coconut shells:
"Do coconuts migrate?"
Funny and inventive!
Love the various references....
Monty Python <3!
pastprimitive (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
Good job with the reference! I wondered if anyone would figure that out. It's almost like I need to give you a prize... Wait. I've got a good idea. I have some extra pro memberships from contests I've won, and featured instructables. Would you like one? If so, let me know and I'll get it to you.
Well, I have actually been looking into pro membership, but I would like to try some of the features (esp. badges), before committing... So sure if you don't mind, I would love it! I am actually surprised no one got the coconut reference, it's (to me at least) one of the more "catchy" jokes in Monty Python... of course with "I'm not dead yet..." , "Bring out ye dead" and so many others I suppose it's one that might get overlooked from time to time....
There was a showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Philadelphia over this weekend, but I wasn't able to go.... It's a bit depressing cause here in Dover (Delaware) there is only one movie theater- in the mall... at it's a small theater.... Anyways enough lamenting for the "dead"!
I would appreciate a pro membership, and after trying it out I might be convinced to buy in....
(I've been on here since Summer of 2007, before they had membership, so I actually have some membership benefits, like viewing all steps on one page and downloading PDFs. Though I lack being able to download the e-books and creating badges)
I also looking forward to no advertisements.

Thank you,
~ (DJ) Electfire (amongst many other names)
yoyology3 years ago
This is truly a device of extreme awesomeness. You have a fortunate son!

5 stars and following!
pastprimitive (author)  yoyology3 years ago
Thanks, much appreciated.
heathbar643 years ago
I love it! A couple sugestions:
It looks like you used chip board for the handle. I like to use scraps of composite decking. it's a more homogenous material and finishes up nicely.
for a great transmission, tear apart a lawn sprinkler of the kind that sweeps back and forth. they have a multi stacked planetary gear system that gives a lot of reduction in a very compact space.
I also liked the other suggestions of a thermocouple to power it and an ejector.
pastprimitive (author)  heathbar643 years ago
The composite decking is a great idea, if only i kept it on hand... I tend to have copious amounts of particleboard stocked for prototyping parts, because it cuts so easily and quickly, But I think I will need to get some composite decking to add to my stock pile. I think they use a mixture of HDPE, wood, and some binder resin. Or maybe the HDPE is the binder, and they just heat it up. Either way it's a great idea.
xenor3 years ago
Nice work. Perhaps a solar panel or thermocouple could work to power the turning motor. Plenty of infra red there, but I'm not sure which wavelength most solar panels are designed for.
pastprimitive (author)  xenor3 years ago
That's a really good suggestion. The thermocouple especially intrigues me.
cammers3 years ago
That's very nice.
Have you considered a sausage ejector for the next model? I'm thinking of a lever at the handle that pulls the fork tines out of the sausage when it's cooked.
pastprimitive (author)  cammers3 years ago
I like how you're thinking there.
Very well done.
jdaley997023 years ago
I started reading and though this needs a motor! Kept reading and was stoked that you included one!
pastprimitive (author)  jdaley997023 years ago
Yeah without the motor it loses a lot of the over-the-top quality that makes it what it is.
ilpug3 years ago
I think this wins my "Over Engineering Of a Normal Object For The Win" award.
Genius and super fun. I'm going to need to make some of these. :D
pastprimitive (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago